Keep Your Legs From Sticking To The Seat On Long Road Trips With One Simple Trick

A summer road trip should be an enjoyable getaway, but an uncomfortably hot ride can taint the experience. On a scorching day, you may find yourself sticking to the seats. Leather car seats are particularly susceptible to this problem, as they are less breathable than other types of upholstery and can easily trap moisture. On top of feeling uncomfortable, sweating on leather seats can actually damage them, as the moisture corrodes the fibers. The leather may show signs of wear over time, like splitting, cracking, fading, and staining.

Fortunately, there's a lot you can do to keep your legs from sticking to leather car seats. There are some obvious tricks you can try, like blasting the air conditioning and pointing the vents at the seats. It's also important to consider what you're wearing, as this can affect the amount you slip and slide. So, the next time you head out for a long-distance road trip, it's critical to give your choice of outfit some extra thought.

Be mindful of clothing material

Unsurprisingly, wearing heavy clothing can exacerbate leather seat sweats. So, opt for attire that is loose and lightweight. Pay attention to the material as well. Cotton, which is made of natural fibers, will minimize your chances of sweating. A relaxed, natural fabric like linen is a great, sweat-proof option that will give your body some breathing space. Joanna Angeles, a stylist at Tobi, told Bustle, "It has similar qualities such as high absorbency, breathability, and comfortability, and is known for its thermoregulation." Avoid polyester, as the synthetic material does not absorb sweat and may cause discomfort.

It may sound counterintuitive, but shorts and hot leather seats may not be the best combination. Keep your legs from clinging to leather by wearing leggings or pants, one TikTok account suggests. Additionally, stay away from denim, as the material is dense and thick. It's also slow-drying, which is not ideal for a sweaty, sticky situation.

Protect the car seats

Wearing breathable clothing isn't the only step you can take to prevent sticking to leather car seats. To create a strong shield, purchase car seat covers. They absorb moisture so that you won't be glued to your spot. The seat covers will also block sweat and dirt from accumulating on the leather. Having a barrier will keep your leather seats clean and stain-free. When browsing seat covers, go for a material that is moisture-wicking, like microfiber. Neoprene material also provides insulation against wetness and won't cling to skin.

There are plenty of quick and easy methods for keeping your body temperature in check on a road trip. You can put frozen cooling gel packs on leather seats, as they will significantly help with absorbing heat. Or, place a cooling cushion on the seat to reduce perspiration. And don't forget to apply an antiperspirant or deodorant beforehand, as that will help manage excessive sweating.