TikTok's Simple Trick For Getting Through Disney's Bag Check Faster

Lines begone with this easy hack from TikTok! Disney parks are notorious for long ride lines, but there are also long lines to get food, wait for transportation, and sometimes go through security. Learn how to quickly move through Disney's security areas by using this simple trick from TikTok user @themouselets. In the video, which has collected over 72,000 likes, a person narrating the video shares that Disney no longer checks bags manually at the security entrances. All Walt Disney World theme parks, and Disney Springs, have metal detectors for guests to walk through.

If a guest's bag sets off the metal detector, they are asked to step to the side for a bag search performed by a security team member. Items that most commonly trigger an alert include large magnets, like the ones on some glasses cases, umbrellas, and portable phone chargers. The narrator of the video shared that a security team member told her to hold out the item that might set off an alert in front of her while she passed through the metal detector. Doing this shows the security team what the item is and that it is not concealed in your bag.

Hold your arms out to get through quicker (and things to consider)

According to @themouselets on TikTok, holding those sensitive items out in front of you as you go through the metal detector may even "stop those items from going off." Although not a total guarantee, doing this simple trick just might get you through security quicker and prevent you from being pulled to the side for extra screening. 

Unfortunately, though, like many TikTok hacks, this one won't always work. If your party uses a stroller in Disney World, the security team will still have to search it manually. Additionally, you may do everything right when walking through security and still be asked to step to the side for a bag search. In the interest of everyone's safety, random searches still occur even if you have held a potentially triggering item in front of you. 

It should go without saying, but it is also important to remember not to bring prohibited items to the parks. Firearms, ammunition, knives, and weapons of any kind are not allowed on Disney property. Some guests have unsuccessfully tried to bring banned items into the parks, but security has always stopped them at the gates. Even if you are legally allowed to carry certain items on your person, when in doubt at Disney parks, it's best to leave them at home.