The Simple Packing Hack That Will Keep Your Luggage From Tipping Over

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Tired of your suitcase tipping over? Life is all about balance, and that is true even for packing. Whether you're headed on a short domestic flight for a weekend away or embarking on a multi-week trip abroad, knowing what to bring along and how to pack them is key. 

Packing a suitcase is usually a tight squeeze; getting all your must-have items in the bag can feel like an accomplishment. But then you zip, lock, and roll your suitcase, and it falls over. Even if it doesn't happen in this manner, navigating a crowded airport, bustling train station, or even a walk to a rental car can feel exhausting when you must stop to readjust your unsteady luggage ever so often.

This is why our simple hack is a tried-and-true packing strategy to make you a VIP traveler and keep your luggage on a controlled roll no matter where you go. It starts with placing heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase and the lightest at the top.

Divide and conquer

Separate heavy items, such as shoes and books, from their lighter counterparts — think socks and travel-size cosmetic bottles. With your articles divided into two categories, roll clothing pieces, like those T-shirts, for wrinkle-free transport. Then, gather smaller items, such as essential chargers, into easy-zip pouches or bags. When it's time to pack, place the heaviest at the bottom of the suitcase, and keep filling the bag until your lightest belonging is on top.

While carry-ons have come a long way in recent years (thank you, spinners and smart luggage), the average size for airlines is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches, making it a struggle to puzzle-piece items. So investing in a luggage scale may be worth it. 

Domestic and international airline carry-on weight limit policies vary, usually clocking in at 35 pounds if there's a restriction. So, if you're traveling by bus, rail, or car, you'll want to ensure your bag isn't too heavy to lift and store. Keeping that in mind, the good news is the weight of your bag stays the same no matter where you place your items. 

Easy lift off

To make this packing hack even more compelling, consider using packing cubes. They're affordable, costing around $30 on Amazon. While compressing items won't make your bag weigh any less, they can free up space. More space means a little more leeway when it comes to moving pieces around. And packing cubes can make it possible to fit in that extra pair of shoes or sneakers you're dying to take with you.

While there's a lot to keep track of when embarking on a trip, this easy-to-remember hack is sure to make things easier. Designating your heaviest items for the bottom, near the wheels, and lighter items at the middle and top will balance your bag. A balanced suitcase means eliminating tip-overs of all sorts. And no tipping means less travel stress and worry, freeing you to glide your belongings to your next destination effortlessly.