Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling With This Easy-To-Make Accessory

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Nothing is scarier than when you realize you don't have eyes on your child at a theme park, state fair, store, or trip. It's a panic moment that parents and caregivers know all too well. Though it's great to give your kids the opportunity to travel, it's even more frightening to lose them when you're out of your regular environment. They might not be equipped to remember their contact information when they're little. Short of keeping your kids on a leash — which is a legitimately helpful item if it works with your comfort level — what can you do to ensure they return to you safely?

To be clear, we're discussing getting separated at theme parks, stores, and on trips here. If you suspect your child is in danger, call the authorities immediately. Either way, having information on your child's person can make a big difference in getting you back together quickly. There is a great hack for this that you can turn into a fun activity for your little ones.

How it works

The hack is a cute beaded bracelet with your phone number or contact info on it. Here's how it works: Go to your local craft store and pick up some beads. Make sure some have numbers (and/or letters) printed on them. Grab some wire or heavy waxed thread (elastic may prove too flimsy) and clasps. String together some fun bright-colored beads, but include your phone number in the design. You can even do a second one with your name(s) and any other info you want them to have. This idea can be a DIY project with your kids or a present for them before a trip. It's relatively inexpensive as well. Ensure the clasp is secure and the bracelet fits your kid's wrist with enough room to stick two fingers under but is tight enough not to fall off easily.

Sure, you can find a place on Amazon or Etsy that will personalize a phone number bracelet for you or get colorful paper wristbands like you see at concerts and write the info there, but bracelet-making is a pretty easy activity to do with your kids. It also gives your little ones more of an opportunity to learn a phone number by heart. It's a great opportunity to chat about safety with your kid in a way that's not intimidating, as difficult conversations can be easier to have during a secondary activity.

Other safety hacks for your kids

Since we're talking about the safety of young children while traveling, a few extra safety hacks can be really helpful and put your mind at ease. BeFamilyTravel suggests taking a picture of your kid every morning before you leave for vacation activities. One, you get a cute snapshot of your cutie. Two, you know exactly what outfit they're wearing each day, so if you get separated and report to the authorities, you have a recent pic and accurate information. 

The site also suggests looking into tracking devices like Tile Mate or AirTags and attaching them securely to your child. You can attach it to clothing with a key ring or put it inside a shoe's sole, so it's less likely to get lost. In addition, make sure you have a plan that you discuss with your entire travel group so you know what to do if you get separated.