Make Traveling With Pets Even Easier With This Genius Amazon Product

Traveling with a pet can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Adding a furry friend to your travel party usually means finding special accommodation, ensuring weight requirements are met for train/air travel, having the proper carriers, and of course, being prepared should a dire situation arise.

Not to mention, if traveling internationally, your pet might need special vaccinations, doctor's notes, and even sometimes a pet-passport. When it comes to a packing list for our pets, the list can quickly get long. What if we told you that list can be quickly shortened by purchasing one essential product on Amazon?

The Dog Travel Bag by Modoker is a "one-stop shop" for all things pet-friendly when it comes to travel. It even fits perfectly under airplane seats, so if you're flying with your furry friend, this bag is an accessible addition. Before you individually buy collapsible water bowls, a new dog-friendly tote bag, and more, read on to see why this product is the perfect addition to your pet-friendly getaway.

What the bag includes

What is it that makes The Dog Travel Bag by Modoker so great? Well, it includes essentials that require only a one-time purchase as opposed to having to stop at several stores, or adding several things to your cart. The Dog Travel Bag by Modoker includes one dog tote bag, two dog food carrier bags, one water-resistant placemat, and two pet silicone collapsible bowls. 

Aside from what it includes, there is an inner compartment which can store treats, toys, pet fur-brushes, and other dog-friendly essentials, such as tweezers, paw balm, medications, and more. The bag also has multiple functional pockets with a built-in adjustable flap so staying organized is no problem.

When you travel with a pet, organization can sometimes be a problem. Where did you put Buster's favorite toy? Where is Bella's medication? Where is Oscar's fur-brush? With this bag, you can conveniently store your fur-baby's food, water, treats, leashes, toys, and even their first-aid kit, all in one spot.

Why this bag is a bark above the rest

We've covered that the Dog Travel Bag by Modoker comes with all the proper dog-friendly essentials, but what makes it truly a bark above the rest? Well, it has an official airline stamp of approval, with dimensions that ensure it is compliant to fit under airplane seats. Preparing a pet for their first flight can feel mentally challenging, but with the addition of the Modoker bag, pet-owners can feel a little more at ease knowing their fur-baby will have quick access to things like water, toys, and treats.

Reviews for this product also state it is great, not only for air travel, but for car travel as well. The bag is made with a water-repellent oxford outer material and PVC backing. Inside, find leak-proof inner lining, a true requirement when traveling with a pet (we love them, but they sure can be messy!). The included bowls are made of silicone and are dishwasher-friendly.

In sum, you will receive a quality product without breaking the bank, and without the need to scratch your head when looking for Fido's essentials. You can purchase one of these bags here.