Why Investing In A Fanny Pack Is A Must Before Your Next Trip

Once the domain of the group's designated mom, the humble fanny pack has made a fashionable comeback in recent years. But the new "fashion pack" isn't just for fashionistas — they are also a traveler's best friend. From navigating the chaos of the airport to strutting around your destination, you'll find a fanny pack an indispensable item on your next trip.

Let's start, as most travelers do, at the airport. The beauty of a fanny pack is its compact size and accessibility. If you've ever traveled before, you know how easy it is for your passport to do a disappearing act just as you near security. It tends to find its way right to the bottom of your backpack or oversized purse right when you need it most.

If you travel with a fanny pack, it'll be big enough to keep everything that's important in there: passport or ID, phone, boarding pass, and wallet. But there won't be too much room for those items to swim around; they'll stay right where you put them. Fanny packs are also wonderfully accessible: Simply reach down, unzip, and pull out what you need. Be aware that fanny packs will most likely count as a personal item when you're boarding a plane, so check the airline's size requirements carefully before you go. You may want to stick your fanny pack in a larger bag when you get to the gate to maximize luggage space.

Fanny packs on tour

When you land at your destination, it's time to pull your fanny pack out again. This lightweight bag is going to be your constant companion. A fanny pack is comfortable to wear both around your waistband or over your shoulder. Its small size helps keep it light and not strain your shoulders, as can happen with a backpack or purse. 

Fanny packs also give you security while you're out and about. Your most precious belongings — wallet and phone — are always next to your body, and most people wear them at the front, meaning the fanny pack is in view all the time. Another great thing about fanny packs is that they leave your hands free for important tourist business like holding gelato while gripping onto a map.

Speaking of touristy things, would a fanny pack make you stand out as a traveler? Maybe. But whipping out your camera to take a photo will also do that, as will simply speaking if you're abroad. And as fanny packs grow in popularity among the chic, you won't necessarily be taken for a tourist while wearing one.

How to choose your fanny pack for travel

When choosing a fanny pack, there are several things to consider: size, size, safety, material, and color. (No, we didn't accidentally repeat size!) First, think about how much you want to put in your fanny pack; if you're keeping it strictly for your most essential items, then a smaller pack will do. If you want to be able to fit a bottle of water and an e-reader, grab a roomier one and make it a true daypack. The other size you need to think about is the waist strap: Make sure it fits comfortably around your waist or over your shoulder if that's how you're planning to wear it.

Next up is safety. If you're particularly worried about pickpockets while on the road, buy an anti-theft fanny pack. Several Redditors in the r/HerOneBag subreddit love Pacsafe's range of anti-theft fanny packs, but there are lots of brands out there. In terms of material, think about whether you need a waterproof pack. Heading to Alaska? You likely do. Taking a trip to Las Vegas? Probably not. And finally, color. Anything goes — pick a color that speaks to you. Have fun choosing your fanny pack!