Free Public Transportation Is Just One Reason To Visit This Stunning Country

Luxembourg, the tiny treasure of Europe, offers tourists a plethora of adventures. The country, which neighbors Belgium, France, and Germany, is right in the heart of things. Because of its adjacency to so many different countries, expect to hear Luxembourgish, English, French, and German in this charming area. Hilariously, it takes about as long to drive through Luxembourg as it does to drive through London, just to get a sense of its size. But you might not have to drive at all. In March 2020, Luxembourg became the first country in the world to make public transportation free. This means that all buses and trains are available to everyone, countrywide.

It certainly makes the already-beautiful country even more compelling, especially if you're planning to backpack around Europe on a budget. This is a huge plus for Luxembourg because the country is famously expensive in other areas, like food and accommodations. It topped the list as the richest country in the world in 2022, which means that the standard of living is very high. So as you fork out some dough for the rest of your trip, at least you'll be able to get around for free!

Getting around the expense of Luxembourg

While Luxembourg has the reputation of being expensive, there are ways to experience the beautiful city either for free or on a budget. The company TwentyTour offers free walking tours of the City of Luxembourg in English, giving tourists the chance to not only see but also learn about the major monuments. The only expense is the option of giving the tour guide a tip at the end.

The City of Luxembourg also boasts one of the best free city-wide Wi-Fi networks, so you can use your devices at no cost. On top of that, the city has over a dozen free museums to keep visitors and locals entertained. There's a range of aesthetics, from modern art museums to natural history. There's even the Tramway Museum, a center that's dedicated to the transit history of the City of Luxembourg. You can ride the free transportation to the Tramway Museum and really get into the spirit!

The city is also very bike friendly and has a bike share program, much like Citi Bike in the United States, called vel'OH! All you need to do is use your phone (powered by the free Wi-Fi!) to unlock a bike at one of the many bike stations around the city.

Tour the castles and forests of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a well-loved tourist destination for good reason. The beautiful country offers the cosmopolitan flare of old European cities as well as the grandeur of an impressive natural setting. There's the famous Mullerthal trail for avid hikers, where visitors can walk through the forest and past castles. It's really the stuff of fairy tales. For even more serious hikers, check out the Escapardenne Lee and Eislek trails, which intersect with the Belgium-Luxembourg border. This hike can take several days, and there are a range of cheap-to-expensive accommodations along the way, so you can stop and rest at night. Because Luxembourg has such a rich history, there's also the option of touring multiple castles in the country. Many offer guided tours and, as always, can be reached via free public transportation.

While Luxembourg is stunning at any time of year, it's famous for being a winter wonderland. The country boasts exceptional Christmas markets and provides a whole host of winter activities. Whether you're looking for outdoor hiking or want a little snow on your next vacation, you should check out this charming little country and all it has to offer.