Megan Batoon's Advice Will Convince Even The Most Nervous Traveler To Get On A Plane - Exclusive

Thanks to Netflix's "World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals," Megan Batoon has traveled the globe, visiting an incredible range of locations from igloos to historic houses. But the dancer and design show host wasn't always such a seasoned traveler, and she initially only traveled when work demanded it. 

"I would only travel for work, and then I decided to start being nicer to myself and taking myself on dates," she told Explore in an exclusive interview. "I would plan little weekend getaways to San Francisco or places in the U.S. to treat myself how I wanted to be treated in a relationship. I'm actually glad that I did that, because I'm in a new relationship, and I'm traveling for someone that is treating me the way I treated myself when I was in my single era." 

Now, Batoon is used to visiting unusual locations, both for work and pleasure, and she hopes others will do the same. During our conversation to discuss her new partnership for the launch of Advil Dual Action Back Pain, she also explained that the right support from friends and family can encourage even the most nervous traveler to book a flight to somewhere new.

Start small and lean on family and friends

Not everyone is comfortable with flying, but Megan Batoon hopes that viewers will be inspired to hop on a plane after watching "World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals." "If you're scared to travel, either go with a friend if you can, or find countries or places that speak the same language as you do," she told Explore. "The worst thing is going to France and not being able to speak French and feeling super lost in a bunch of different ways." By starting small and picking a destination you feel more comfortable with, it's possible to start traveling, in spite of any fears or difficulties a person may face.

And for anyone who's unsure where to travel to in the first place, Batoon recommends turning to close friends and family members for advice. "When you ask a stranger, 'Where do you think I should go next?' It's like, 'I don't know you at all,'" she explained. "But if you ask people or family members that might know you, [their] good recommendations would be probably helpful instead of shooting in the dark."

While it can be extremely difficult to overcome fears regarding travel, there are so many unique and memorable experiences to be had from visiting a new destination, and a little research can help you determine whether you want to go for it. If the people who know you well think it would be a good fit, it's certainly worth considering — and with their support, hopefully, nerves about traveling will soon become a thing of the past.

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