How To Get Priority Boarding On Delta Airlines

Air travel can be a great and convenient way to access new adventures across the country and the globe. Whether you're heading up and away in the name of fun or for business, flying typically gets you there faster. Over time, many travelers inevitably develop a preference for a specific airline.

If you're someone who enjoys flying with Delta Airlines, you'll find you're in good company. According to Delta News Hub, the airline serves more than 200 million customers annually across 280 destinations and six continents. Operating more than 4,000 daily flights makes Delta a popular choice for travelers looking to expand their horizons.

Looking forward to your destination of choice is one thing. Being able to enhance your experience long before you arrive by making sure the boarding process is smoother and quick with Delta is another thing entirely. Knowing how to get priority boarding with Delta Airlines can be extremely helpful when you're looking to enjoy more space during your flight, require added overhead bin storage, or simply want to streamline your travel process.

On an average Delta flight, the boarding order begins with active duty U.S. military passengers and ends with Basic Economy ticket holders. In between, there are varying levels of priority based on several factors ranging from ticket price and loyalty rewards to who is part of your traveling crew. The good news is, Delta offers a few ways to move up that list and be able to find your seat faster.

Invest in the priority boarding you want

Passengers who are active duty military members will always be the first to board a flight with Delta. If you don't specifically fall into this category, you can still earn priority boarding if you're willing to pay for the privilege. It's entirely possible to purchase a higher fare class onboard a Delta flight and join up with the boarding groups that follow just behind active-duty military members. These categories are Delta One and First Class passengers followed closely by Diamond Medallion and Delta Premium Select ticket holders.

Another way to enjoy getting bumped up on the boarding list is to invest in a Delta Comfort+ ticket that gives you more legroom onboard. Bulkhead seats and exit-row seats frequently fall into this ticketing category. These tickets are slightly pricier than main cabin seating options but provide for an earlier boarding time which can deliver some well-deserved peace of mind when traveling.

Investing in Delta's Priority Boarding Trip Extra is yet another way to skip the line and end up boarding ahead of the masses. After Sky Priority passengers board, Main Cabin passengers in groups 1, 2, and 3 follow. The Priority Board Trip Extra option can be purchased for $15 and allows passengers to enjoy a guaranteed spot boarding with Main Cabin 1.

Consider your traveling crew and points possibilities

It's fair to say that traveling with small children isn't always the easiest scenario. However, the perk when you're traveling with kids on Delta Airlines is that it can earn you priority boarding status. Passengers who are flying with children, car seats, and strollers in tow will automatically find themselves in the fourth group boarding category which falls just between First Class passengers and Delta Comfort+ passengers. This allows more time for families to get situated which can be specifically helpful if you're traveling with an infant.

Points earned through Delta's loyalty program known as SkyMiles automatically earn you a place in earlier boarding groups with the airline. Passengers who hold Platinum Medallion or Gold Medallion status in the program get to board with the Sky Priority group just before Main Cabin passengers. The more you fly with Delta, the more points you earn which boosts your priority boarding options over time.

Another way to get priority boarding on Delta Airlines if you happen to be traveling for professional purposes is to check with your company and see if they're part of Delta's Business Travel Partnership. If they are, you'll automatically qualify to board with Main Cabin 1 passengers. While it doesn't put you too far ahead of Main cabin 2 or 3 passengers, it does give you a significant head start over Basic Economy group boarding.