How To Get Out Of A Timeshare Presentation When Traveling

Depending on where you're traveling, you might get solicited by timeshare sales representatives who want to rope you into ownership options. This can often happen if you stay at a resort, since sales representatives can see that you have an interest in travel and already like the area. Maybe you are genuinely curious and want to get a timeshare. There are some famous ones, like the Disney Vacation Club, that offer ways to make it worth your while.

What'll likely happen is that you'll get invited to a presentation, where the reps will offer a sales pitch on getting in on the "deal." To incentivize guests, they'll lure people in with wonderful freebies. In some cases, these are worth sitting through the presentation for. In other cases, they're completely not. The problem is that these timeshare presentations can be super tough to get out of. Reps often have several strategies to wear guests down in an effort to get them to sign on, and it can feel overwhelming. There are ways to get out, even if you feel completely roped in. And hey, you can even walk out with the perks that were promised.

You can say 'no' through the whole timeshare presentation

Timeshare presentations lure people in with appealing incentives, and the reps who put them on know exactly how to make guests feel welcomed and, at times, compelled to go along with the process. Because of this, it can be challenging to get out of a presentation once you're there. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you have complete agency. If you want to leave at any point during the presentation, no matter how pressured you feel to stay, you are free to do so. If anyone tries to block your exit, you have every right to call the police. Hopefully things won't come to that, though.

If a sales representative tells you that a presentation is only 20 minutes long, you can take note of the time and even set a timer on your phone. Your vacation time is precious and if a certain time frame was the expectation that was set, then you can absolutely hold the rep to it. Don't feel pressured into signing anything on the spot. If you truly want to consider an offer, then take the document with you and look it over when you have more room to breathe or even have an attorney look it over with you. Don't be shy to say "no" also. Sales representatives will be persistent if they think you are genuinely mulling something over. If you're certain you don't want a timeshare, say so clearly and without hesitation.

You can get the freebies

The reason that people sit through timeshare presentations is because of the freebies and perks that sales representatives offer to lure people in. They'll offer anything from free flights, free restaurant gift cards, free hotel stays, travel points, and more. You can still get some of the freebies offered, though, even if you don't buy a timeshare. The site Lifehacker offered tips and opened the comments for feedback on how people still got the perks without getting roped into anything. "My wife is the same and wants to do this almost every time we go to Vegas," user @thatdamnpaul wrote in the comments about going to timeshare presentations. "We usually hit up one the first or second morning we're there and have scored free Cirque tickets, dinners, even casino chip credits." Many users agreed that it's good to attend with another person and have roles clearly defined, with one of you acting as the tough guy, who has agreed to say "no" under every possible circumstance. That way you won't get talked into anything and can still walk out with the gift.

Many people on Reddit talked about the experience too on the forum r/DaveRamsey. Some users did have success getting freebies with no commitment. "Yes, my husband and I did this. We went on the free two-night trip to a fancy golf course, had a nice time, and flatly refused to buy anything," Reddit user r/oaktreegardener wrote. However, many said it wasn't worth the time.