How To Earn And Use Hilton Honors Points

Hilton Honors is the loyalty program of Hilton hotels and one of the most robust hotel rewards programs available. The Hilton Honors program covers over 7,000 properties across 122 countries, offering loyalty members incredible flexibility and a lot of opportunities to both earn and spend their points.

Like similar hotel loyalty programs, Hilton Honors members earn reward points by staying at Hilton hotels, spending money with program partners, or using a co-branded Hilton credit card. Joining the Hilton Honors program is free, and most travelers will begin with a basic member status, which offers members free internet access, member-only discounts, and express checkout.

As you continue to spend money with Hilton and/or use a Hilton Honors credit card, you'll have the opportunity to reach elite status levels. Hilton Honors features a basic (or Blue) member status, as well as a Silver, Gold, and Diamond Elite Status. These different elite statuses all include their own perks and bonus point-earning potential. To help you decide if the Hilton Honors program is right for you, we'll explore methods to earn Hilton Honors points and, more importantly, fun ways to spend them.

Earning Hilton Honors reward points

According to an analysis performed by NerdWallet, a Hilton Honors point is worth approximately .6 of a cent, which is comparatively low to other hotel reward programs. However, Hilton Honors points are also relatively easier to earn. Also, it's not too difficult to earn elite status, and the welcome bonus for signing up for a co-branded Hilton Honors credit card is higher than most.

Along with earning points by staying at Hilton properties or using a Hilton Honors credit card, you can also earn points by spending money with partners. For instance, you currently earn three points for each dollar you spend on Lyft rides or, if you join the Hilton Honors Dining Program, you'll earn points by eating at partnering restaurants. Hilton also partners with car rental companies and a number of airlines, including Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines.

Your earning potential may be limited at the onset, but elite members can generate bonus points relatively quickly. Silver Elite members earn 20% point bonuses, while Gold and Diamond members earn 80% and 100% bonus points, respectively. You earn 10 base points for each dollar you spend at most Hilton properties, so the bonus points associated with elite status can add up quickly. Keep in mind, however, only base points can help you gain elite status, though both base and bonus points can be redeemed for free hotel stays.

Redeeming Hilton Honors points

Hilton Honors points hold the most value when they're spent on hotel stays. Fortunately, Hilton is one of the largest hotel chains in the world, managing over 1 million hotel rooms across 18 different brands, including Doubletree, Hampton, Hilton Garden Inn, and Embassy Suites. If you'd like to redeem your points for a luxury vacation, Waldorf Astoria and Hilton Grand Vacations are also part of the chain's portfolio.

Along with hotel stays, you can also trade your points for miles with airline partners, redeem your points for sporting or event tickets through Ticketmaster, and even shop for items on Amazon using your loyalty points. However, as noted, you'll typically unlock more value by redeeming your points at a Hilton hotel, whether it's for a night's stay, a room upgrade, free hotel parking, or a complimentary meal. You can also pool your points with other loyalty members, making it easier to redeem hotel stays or plan trips with friends and family.