Want To Live At Sea For Three Years At $2500 A Month? Here's Your Chance

Attention all modern-day Magellans. And listen closely. Recently, Life at Sea Cruises announced it's accepting reservations for an Odysseus-level adventure at sea. Over three years (yes, three), the ship MV Gemini will sail 130,000 miles, visiting 135 countries on all seven continents. Dropping anchor at 375 ports of call, the itinerary's sheer scale bears repeating, but honestly, the adventure itself is only half of the seafarer's dreamscape. This three-year, 135-country cruise is surprisingly affordable.

Pricing starts at $29,999 per year, and Life at Seas offers payment plans beginning at $2,499 per month. The ship's accommodations range from 130-square-foot interior staterooms to 260-square-foot cabin suites, as well as higher-priced balcony suites.

However, the price tags for the ship's premier accommodations are still lower than comparative long-term cruises. Currently, most long-term cruises do not even approach year-long itineraries, much less three. And that may be the rub. Could you, in all complete honesty, cruise for three years? And even if you could — money-wise, family-wise, and other obligations-wise — would you?

World wonders and endless destinations

As with most cruises, the three-year voyage is an all-inclusive experience, offering you most everything you'd need for your new sea life. For the price of most landlocked rents, you enjoy access to all dining venues (booze with dinner included), non-alcoholic beverages, high-speed internet, business center access, a gym (and golf simulator), laundry services, and housekeeping.

When considering your typical day-to-day expenses, the monthly price tag seems even more appealing. But the real appeal is the adventure itself. At most ports (288), you'll have a few days to explore each new destination.

Along with the chance to visit 13 of 14 world wonders, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, Petra, Rome's Colosseum, and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, you'll also visit far-flung destinations often off-the-radar of even the most savvy world traveler. You'll visit the lush rainforests of Papua New Guinea, see the penguin colonies of Antarctica, lounge on Indonesia's pink beaches, and dock at hundreds of tropical islands.

From Tokyo to the Taj Mahal, your bucket list of dream destinations should be checked after the three-year voyage. So, we'll ask again, would you do it?

What does life at sea actually mean?

Truth is, most can't imagine three years of travel. For many, normal life anchors pull up only once or twice for yearly vacations. Even digital nomads, whose anchors are light and portable, tend to stay in one place for weeks or months, depending on their experience and preference. On this three-year voyage, you'll always pull up anchor, whether you want to or not. 

With 288 overnight ports of call, you'll certainly enjoy some places more than others, but regardless, you're leaving — thus, life at sea. This daily life may include your cabin, dining options, a few bars, pool, gym, business center, and the sea. For some, this is absolute perfection distilled. For others, this onboard atmosphere could feel claustrophobic.

And, of course, unmooring your life on land is another consideration. Life at Sea does provide family and friend visits free of charge, meaning loved ones can share your cabin while at port for free. Also, guest accommodations can be made depending on availability. But, regardless of a few port visits, three years is three years. For someone embarking on the adventure alone, this can be a daunting prospect and something to seriously consider.

The three-year adventure disembarks from Istanbul in November of 2023, with additional pickups in Miami and Barcelona. While MV Gemini doesn't set sail for a while, we have a feeling that reservations will fill up quickly. For some, the adventure waiting over the sea's horizon is just too appealing.