Why A Seat In The Back Of The Plane Is Best When Traveling Light

When planning your upcoming travel, there are many decisions to make before you set off on your adventure. What will you pack? Where will you stay? What activities will you do? However, of the many decisions you will have to make, some may go overlooked, including where to sit on your flight. If you pay extra to choose your seat, you probably already know your seat preference for the aisle or window, but what about where to sit on the plane itself? While many passengers want to sit as close to the front of the plane as possible for a quick and easy exit, this may also mean you'll be boarding last. This is an especially important consideration if you're traveling with a carry-on, since you may be left with little to no room for your bag to fit in the overhead bins.

If you want to keep your things close to you, it's best to pick a seat towards the middle or back of the plane. The closer you are to the rear, the more overhead bin space will be available, since you'll likely be boarding first. Not only will you have more room for your carry-on luggage but fewer people will be in the way, making it easier to move around and get to your seat. Just be sure to leave enough room in the overhead bins for other passengers. You don't want to be that person hogging a bunch of space with a bulky carry-on.

Other reasons to choose a seat in the back

Besides getting first pick of the best spots in the overhead bin, there are plenty of other reasons why sitting anywhere but at the front can be a great option for travelers who aren't worried about getting off the plane as quickly as possible. Firstly, if you choose a seat towards the middle of the plane, you're less likely to feel turbulence. If you head even further back, you'll find the last rows of the plane have even better perks.

On many flights, you'll find the final rows have fewer people in them, which means more room for you to stretch out since there is no one sitting behind you, and you may even have a seat open next to you. If you really need the sleep, a seat towards the back will also put you further away from children, since they are typically sat towards the bulkhead seats. You also won't be blocked in by the bar and food carts, making it easy to access the restroom whenever you need it. Lastly, though air travel is one of the safest forms of travel, studies show that the back of the plane is actually the safest in the event of a crash, with a 40% increase in the likelihood of survival, compared to those sitting closest to the front.