Meow Wolf's Convergence Station: The Immersive Denver Art Experience You Won't Want To Miss

If you're a lover of art and creativity, then Meow Wolf is one brand that should be on your radar. More than artwork, it's a full-on experience. Meow Wolf was created in 2008 by a group of local artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico, according to Zippia. It may have been Meow Wolf's unique approach to creativity and humble beginnings that started a worldwide phenomenon. The roots of the brand are all about collaboration and distinctive styles. Different from your typical art experience, Meow Wolf offers a walk-through approach that encourages audience participation. Meow Wolf has been climbing the charts over the previous years and for good reason: it provides a series of escapism through an artistic lens.

According to Meow Wolf's website, the first permanent exhibition, "House of Eternal Return," opened in 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. "Omega Mart," an eclectic supermarket in Las Vegas, opened its doors in February 2021. Its latest venture, "Convergence Station," opened in September 2021, and is committed to providing a completely different experience than the others. In June 2022, the Denver location celebrated its millionth visitor (via Biz Journals), and it's not slowing down anytime soon. With Meow Wolf, it's more than viewing the artwork and installations: the real prize is the sensory journey that lies ahead.

Explore a new realm at Meow Wolf's Convergence Station

Meow Wolf's "Convergence Station" has been a huge hit since its opening in September 2021 and for good reason: it took three years for the space to be completed. Per the website, the four-story immersive space holds art from hundreds of creatives (with over 110 being from Colorado) and has a variety of rooms and portals. So what can you expect from its latest installation? A plethora of neon colors spread across multiple universes that have been dubbed "Convergence." According to Tripadvisor, it's recommended to spend 2-3 hours to obtain the full experience and the site ranks high on the recommended things to do in the city. Rightfully so; there is something for everyone.

"In Denver, with its large population base, the draw, as a percentage of visitation, will be much greater from residents," Randy Randall, executive director of Tourism Santa Fe, shared with The Burlington Record in September 2021. "Denver will also learn that Meow Wolf appeals to all ages, not just the younger demographic or the family." He added, "In Denver I do not see it changing the city identity, except to make it more art-centric and more complete." Just like its predecessors, Meow Wolf's "Convergence Station" is another unique trippy space to be explored.

Mind-bending artwork awaits

Meow Wolf's "Convergence Station" is light years ahead of your typical art installation. Each visitor can have a completely different experience from the other, which is one of the many unique attributes of the famed spot. Here guests can take their visit to the next step and purchase a QPass, which is an optional RFID card that helps you dive deeper into the world of Convergence. For an additional $3, turn your visit into a game-esque exploration trip. While not mandatory, with the QPass, guests can unlock memories from the citizens of Convergence to understand the world they're exploring.

Not only does the multi-use space hold a gift shop, café, and permanent installations, but there is also a movie theater that will screen films throughout the year, per 9 News. The Denver location is also home to a space called the Perplexiplex, which will host private events and live music.

Tickets start at $45 for adults, however, if you're a local you may qualify for a discount. Simply enter your zip code at checkout and receive up to $15 off. Although many installations are suitable for all ages, check the postings before arrival. All in all, the building may be unassuming, but visitors are in for a treat. The beloved brand will be opening a location in Grapevine, Texas in Summer 2023. Art lover or not, Meow Wolf may single-handedly change your perception.