You Don't Need To Play Golf To Enjoy Visiting Hopeman In Scotland

The country of Scotland may seem to some larger than life, with its mighty Highland mountains, magical isles, grand castles, popular cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, small, picturesque fishing villages, famous whisky, legendary films, and epic Scottish myths, folklore, and legends. But truth be told, Scotland is quite small in stature. In fact, as reported by Scotland Info Guide, its geographical size is slightly smaller than the state of South Carolina in the U.S.

Surrounded by both the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Scotland's beaches, and panoramic vistas seem to stretch out into infinity, providing visitors and residents with rugged, isolated coastlines and quaint, coastal villages that encompass Scotland's heritage and culture beautifully. There's something to be said about this small country's coastlines as well. From their pristine, gravel, and sandy beaches to their craggy cliffs, mountainous backdrops, gigantic rock formations, and crystal blue waters: They combine both romantic and rustic qualities in their tranquil, perfect settings. And, the county of Moray — located in northeast Scotland — with its 500+ mile stretch of coastline, is home to 13 picturesque, seaside village settlements, and one of its coastal villages has something for everyone to enjoy.

There's a lot of hope in the coastal village of Hopeman

Founded in 1805, the seaside village of Hopeman in Moray, Scotland is home to just over 1,700 residents. Situated close to Elgin — the capital of Moray — Hopeman sits opposite the famous Moray Firth, known for its numerous, beautiful dolphins that reside within its inlet, as told by Visit Scotland. This small, coastal village with colorful holiday cottages on its shoreline, is also home to the birthplace of Scotland's most popular sport, golf. However, the Hopeman Golf Club is no ordinary golfing green. Golfers are privy to some of the most spectacular and enticing views of the Moray coastline and the epic North Sea, as they birdie, eagle, and ace their golf balls from one hole to the next.

However, you don't need to play golf to enjoy visiting Hopeman. For those intrigued by archaeology and geology, head just past Hopeman East Beach, and set your eyes on the stunning rock formations and secret caves of Clashach Cove (aka Cove Bay or Primrose Bay). Walkers and cyclists will also be thrilled to hear that there are a host of walks and cycle routes within and around Hopeman that can be mapped out via The Moray Way.

Scotland's famous gastronomical cuisine and tipple

There is no better place to try Scotland's famous chippies and mouthwatering seafood dishes, than in a quaint seaside village in the northeast of Scotland. Once you've had your full day of golfing, hiking, and investigating dark, mysterious caves, head on over to one of several restaurants or pubs offering its gastronomical cuisine: Freshly caught fish of the day that melts in your mouth with piping hot tatties, and a side of mushy peas to fill your belly. Afterward, venture off from Hopeman towards Elgin, and stop at the 126-year-old Glen Moray Distillery for a tour and a dram or two of Scotland's finest golden liqueur — known to Scots as the "water of life" — to cap off your evening.

Hopeman's close proximity to Elgin, Findhorn, Culloden, and Inverness, also makes it a perfect base for exploring some of Scotland's most popular tourist destinations, while learning more about Scotland's incredible history, and taking in its stunning landscape.