The Most Unique Hotels You Can Find In Tokyo

Planning an international trip means finding the perfect hotel to stay in. But what's considered an ideal choice? Typically, we look at the reviews to judge the room service, design, location, and price, as well as other important features. However, what if we took it a step further in our research to discover hotels you probably couldn't find anywhere else? Doing this creates a unique trip for you and your companions, as well as unforgettable memories. 

So, we've found several unique hotels for travelers who are planning on taking a trip to Tokyo, Japan. A few years ago, a poll revealed Tokyo as one of the most satisfying cities to travel to, per CNN. From the speedy trains to the delicious food, adorable cafes, and interesting museums, there are countless things to look forward to in the largest city in Japan. So if you want to stay the night in an unforgettable place while visiting an extraordinary city, take a look at our list of unique Tokyo hotels.

The perfect place for relaxation

Onsen Ryokan Yuen Shinjuku is the perfect hotel for travelers who want to spend the night in the city, but feel like they're out in the countryside. As you walk through the front entrance, it's designed with a traditional flare similar to other hot springs, and you're met with a dim front desk made of large stones. 

However, the suites all have a modern design with windows that give you a beautiful view of the city landscape. But what really makes this hotel unique is the indoor bath that contains Hakone Lake hot spring water (via Play Tokyo). Taking a dip in this water has many benefits, such as relieving nerve pain, muscle soreness, joint pain, stiff shoulders, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, and much more. Just like the hotel rooms, this bath also has a stunning view of the city to gaze at as you allow the warm water to heal your body.

An art lover's paradise

Those who enjoy finding new art during their travels will enjoy staying at BnA Wall. According to their website, artists have worked together to make each guest room feel like you're staying in a work of art. A space titled "Hardcore Game Room" has several basketball hoops installed above the bed as well as comically large glasses and a nose. On one wall, there is a pixelated mural of a family playing a board game and a playful and multi-colored pattern on the floor.

There's also another room called "An Urban Nest," which is designed to make you feel like you're sleeping in a hidden corner of Tokyo. They installed materials similar to the concrete structure you may find in a large city, such as what seems like an upside-down staircase above the bed. It's a loft-style room designed with industrial light fixtures and several small spaces to squeeze into and rest. Pictured above is the "Sushi Wars" room, with elements of sushi robots and warriors.

Books galore

Book and Bed Tokyo is a special place meant for those who just can't keep their nose out of a book. It's a hotel located on the eighth floor of the Kabukicho APM Building, and there you'll find what seems like thousands of books organized across several bookshelves. But what makes this place really special is the fact the room you'll be staying in is hidden within the bookshelves. There are three options, all minimally designed, and the room you choose depends on how much space you need. The superior room is also available for those who need a larger, private space. 

However, each room concealed among the bookshelves is given privacy with a black curtain, and there is a ladder offered for those with a room located higher amidst the shelves. There's also a calm lounge space found in the middle of the eighth floor, where a long sofa is offered for guests to use as they read through a book of their choice. Above this area, the workers have used several manga pages as decor and hung them from the ceiling.

Innovative luxury

We recommend travelers who want to experience an innovative method of luxury to stop by Hotel K5. Here, each room is designed with an "existing with nature in the city" theme that's said to stimulate all of your senses. For example, the junior suite loft floor is designed to create a feeling of openness, with a touch of softness perpetrated by the sheer, indigo curtain installed around the bed. In this space, you'll also find large plants and light fixtures with organic shapes.

Also available on the premises is Caveman, a new restaurant that incorporates different aspects of the Japanese, French, and Danish cultures to create incredibly unique cuisine, such as the bigfin reef squid with hazelnut milk and fig leaf oil. There's also Ao, a cross between a library and bar located on-site for guests to enjoy a cocktail while reading a book as they cozy up in one of their plush chairs.

Robot customer service

Staying at the Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza may either amaze you or further exacerbate your fear of robots taking over the world. Why? Customer service is conducted by different types of robots! At the front desk, you'll be met by female, humanoid robots who will help you check in, don't worry — there are also humans available (via Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza). Different types of robots are also there to clean the air, floor, and windows. Additionally, spending a night here is sure to feel special, especially since it's also the first hotel in the world with working robots.

As of this writing, out of 52 reviews, it has a 4-star rating, and many people seemed to enjoy meeting the robots, according to Trip Advisor. For example, Dr_zack69 said they thought the robots were funny and scary, and their wife had a good time conversing with the robotic receptionists. Others, such as Xaviera H., also enjoyed their interaction with the robots but were happy with how easy it was to request a human receptionist when needed.