Disney World's Space 220 Restaurant Offers An Immersive, Unmatched Dining Experience

When Walt Disney World Resort in Florida opened its first futuristic, space-aged theme park called Epcot back in 1982, people took notice and were anxious to be a part of and experience the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Fast forward 40 years later, and both Disney and Epcot's extraordinary vision and spectacular imagination have reached the cosmos for the millions who visit annually, by creating the immersive, simulated space restaurant Space 220.

Located near Epcot's Mission: Space attraction, the Space 220 restaurant offers its guests a truly remarkable and unique, gastronomical dining experience that is both memorable and exciting, according to one family's lunch experience via Insider. And, while the dishes and drinks served within its restaurant carry a higher price tag than the average restaurant outside of the theme park, the simulated space experience at Space 220 definitely won't set you back the roughly $55 million per person cost that a SpaceX civilian flight might, as reported by SlashGear.

To space and beyond

According to Travel Weekly, when Disney and Epcot envisioned this once-in-a-lifetime restaurant experience that seems to catapult you 220 miles above Earth's atmosphere using an imaginary space elevator, NASA engineers were contacted about what it would entail and look like, and how they could make guests feel as though they are quite literally riding up into the cosmos.

In order to reach the Space 220, Centauri Space Station dining room, guests will board The Mark V Stellevator, a simulated space elevator. The doors will close and unofficial guest-ronauts will be provided with an incredible experience of what it feels and looks like to launch from earth into outer space, all while watching their journey through circular windows in the floor and ceiling of the mock elevator.

Special effects throughout the swift ride from earth to the space station give way to authentic sounds of liftoff, as guests rapidly ascend from Epcot, watching until it appears as though they are 220 miles above the State of Florida, as the Stellevator docks with the space station in its final stages.

An interstellar dining experience out-of-this-world

As guests make their way off the imaginary elevator, they are met with the space station's official Grow Zone containing produce of ingredients found on the dining menu, according to Walt Disney News.  A Space 220 crew member will be waiting to take diners to their tables.

A visually epic view of Earth, by day and night, awaits and immerses guests in an interstellar dining experience unlike no other, as they enjoy their meals and feel as though they're quite literally hovering in space. The fine dining restaurant serves meals for both lunch and dinner.

Deep space-themed appetizers, prix-fixe main courses, desserts, and beverages are among the choices on the intergalactic menu for adults and children. And, according to Attractions Magazine, Space 220 offers free, collectible trading cards as well when any kids' meal or "mocktail" alcohol-free drink is purchased. Reservations are highly recommended as the popularity of the restaurant lends to long lines and lengthy waiting periods without one.

While the Space 220 Restaurant is a relatively new dining experience in the world of Epcot and Disney, this virtual sensation of dining among the stars has people eager to try the experience despite the costly meals. After all, you're not just paying for the food you're eating, you're paying for the space-themed, virtual experience of riding into space without having to train years in advance and don the heavy space gear.