The Best Time Of Year To Visit France If You're Traveling On A Budget

If you always dreamed of visiting France, but money plays a big factor in your plans, there are better times than others to go. Scheduling a trip during these will not only save you some cash, but also allow you to do and see more than during peak seasons. Whether you're just stopping off in Paris or want to see more of this enticing country, having an itinerary is critical to making the most of your stay. After all, once you know when to go, you can decide where and what you want to do and see. 

One reason France is such a coveted destination is because of the variety of landscapes it offers, according to France Just For You. And since no one can argue with saving a little money here and there, knowing the less expensive times to fly out can come in handy for anyone looking to indulge without blowing the bank. Finding good deals on both accommodation and airfare will ensure you have leftover funds to book tours, eat delicious meals, and sightsee without straining your budget. You can easily get around without dropping too much dough, and one time of year is more tourist-friendly than others for saving/traveling. France is waiting — and you can enjoy everything it has to offer if you wait to go during this season.

Visit in the winter

Visiting France in the winter is the best time to go to this magical country on a budget. Beginning in November, flights and accommodations will drop from peak season prices, making it easier to book hotels, hostels, and airfare. Up until mid-February, the country sees a downtick in pricing, bringing some of the most sought-out spots into a more reasonable bracket when you're trying to stretch your money further. Winter can be a magical and enchanting time to stay in France as well.

Not only does Europe offer exciting landmarks, but throughout winter you can catch some truly amazing holiday decor, including intricate window displays and great shopping sales. There are also markets in Paris and other towns that offer visitors a variety of confectionary goods. According to Wandering Carol's, Lyon is a wonderful place to visit — filled with delicious food and even a light festival in December. The crowds also thin out during the colder months, making it easier to traverse the streets of Paris or other desirable locales. There is a good deal of winter sports to partake in during the winter, too, which won't leave anyone bored or wishing they were somewhere else. Some of the ski resorts are renowned for offering ideal conditions and breathtaking views.

Stretch your money with these tips

If you're looking to find the least expensive time to fly into Paris, which would be a good place to start your trip in France, Just Find Fares recommends February. Flights are usually the lowest price out of the whole year, and travelers can usually find the best deals around this time. There are many places in Europe that offer cheaper accommodation, flights, and entertainment overall. However, if you are looking for opulence and decadence on a budget, France is your destination. When it comes to booking hotels, there are a few ways to make your money stretch further, too.

Paris is a coveted stop while visiting this magnetic and alluring country, but by exploring the smaller towns and provinces outside of the bustling city, you can save beaucoup bucks on hotels, hostels, inns, and even quaint farms or B&Bs. EuroCheapo suggests booking longer stays or more nights outside of the bigger metropolises, stopping at these briefly to catch the sights before indulging in the iconic countryside or coasts. It might also be beneficial to read all the fine print when booking accommodations. You'll want to ensure essentials like WiFi, late or early check-in/out, and breakfast are included.