Get A 360-Degree View Of London From The Shard, Its Highest Observation Platform

London is a bustling, electric, exciting metropolis that offers countless interesting stops and attractions to anyone who visits. The city is alive with the history that runs through its very core, and you can almost feel the centuries beneath your feet as you traverse cobblestone streets and explore the older buildings. While being on the ground level of London is impressive, the views from up above are nothing short of extraordinary.

If you're looking to get a bird's eye view of this wondrous place, there are a few lookouts that will give you an epic sight of those Roman-style roads that make up the organized chaos of the city's grid. One of the best spots is nestled a short distance from the Thames River and a stone's throw from some of the most coveted landmarks and sights in the capital.

Not only will you find breathtaking views, but the surrounding areas will keep you busy for hours — once you finally decide to leave this immaculate example of architecture and design, that is. According to Planet Ware, this building — The Shard — is well-known throughout the city, and its sleek outline has only added to the allure of the skyline.

The Shard

The Shard is one of London's most impressive feats, and it builds on the city's landscape in a new and innovative way. While many places are spreading out, this sprawling metropolis is building up, and The Shard offers not only exceptional views, but office space, restaurants, bars, and even a hotel space.

For centuries, London has been a destination for both tourists and potential residents, but with so many people constantly coming into the city, creativity is key. Looking upwards instead of outwards is this destination's idea of ingenuity, and looking at the official website, it appears that the sky isn't even the limit for this iconic spot.

The Shard sits doubly as high as other viewing platforms around London, making it one of the best places to check out a 360-degree view of the city. When looking out from the gallery, you can see 40 miles worth of landmarks, buildings, and important structures, as well as gripping views of the Thames and the infamous bridges which cross it.

The best view in town

There are three different floors from which you can view the city: the 68th, 69th, and 72nd. With nothing to block your sight, you can glimpse London as it has never been seen before (until The Shard was built, at least).

When you arrive, a fast-paced elevator ride will take you to the viewing decks in just 60 seconds, another impressive addition to the building's long list of perks. After exiting the elevator, you can explore and find your way to the popular observation decks. Bars offer snacks and libations to those who want to stop for a moment and take in the view, according to Visit London.

If you're seeking a more interactive peek at the city's layout, you can visit the 72nd floor and step out onto the sky deck, which is an open-air space that allows you to feel the heartbeat of London while looking down on it. The elements add to the overall experience, immersing you in the excitement and electricity of England's capital.

Tickets are required for entry to the viewing areas, but The Flashpacker notes that you can find the cheapest prices if you book four or more days before you plan to visit. As if there weren't enough reasons to go visit The Shard, the bathrooms there are notorious for their epic panoramas as well, so Wayfaring Views highly recommends making a stop in to use the facilities before leaving.