The Best Time To Visit Bulgaria If You're Traveling On A Budget

A quick google about the cost of visiting Bulgaria will bring up a plethora of sites claiming it to be one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Nomadic Fire writes that Bulgaria is the cheapest country in Europe, while The World Was Here First says it's one of the most affordable countries to visit in the European Union. But does cheap mean it's an unattractive destination for travelers?

Not at all. Bloggers like Nomadic Matt sing the country's raises and laud the country's natural landscapes, historical cities, and nightlife alike. You can ski here in the winter, laze on the sandy beaches in the summer, and hike in the glorious mountains from spring to fall. Matt loves the capital Sofia and the city of Plovdiv -– the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe -– as well as the seaside city of Varna and the Rila Mountains. There's so much to do here. But, if it's so cheap, do you really need to consider when to visit Bulgaria to save a little money?

The cheapest time to visit Bulgaria

If you're a broke college student and you're counting every cent, yes, there are times of the year when Bulgaria is slightly cheaper. Champion Traveler writes that the cheapest time to visit Bulgaria is January when flight and accommodation prices are at their lowest. But, do you really want to explore Sofia when the high temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit?

If you're in any way not in the broke college student bracket (even if you're a thrifty backpacker), most of Bulgaria isn't going to be noticeably cheaper at different times of the year. Nomadic Matt states that a bed in a hostel dorm will set you back between $7.50–13.50 per night. That's truly affordable by any stretch. Budget hotels can be had for a steal, but you'll need a bit more to stay at a hotel on the Black Sea in the summer. On the Go Tours recommends visiting the Black Sea area in April or May for the best weather, and this will help you avoid the relatively higher costs.

The best time to visit Bulgaria

Let's assume you've decided that Bulgaria is so affordable that you don't need to come in January to save a few dollars. June is a great time to experience some of Bulgaria's best festivals: Chasing the Donkey writes about the Rose Festival, the Cherry Festival, and Nestinarstvoto (fire dancing), which are all held in June. The Planet D suggests visiting Bulgaria in April, May, September, or October, avoiding the crowds and higher temperatures of the summer months. Nomadic Matt likes fall for hiking when the foliage in the mountains is at its best.

Nomadic Matt recommends avoiding traveling here in the winter, and we concur. We want you to fall in love with beautiful Bulgaria, and winter isn't conducive to that unless you're into skiing (Bulgaria is a cheap paradise for snow bunnies.) Winter, according to Thomas Cook, brings winds, cold temperatures, and rain. Less than delightful for sightseeing. Come in late spring, early summer, or early fall and enjoy the country's glorious landscapes, charming cities, and interesting festivals while they're at their peak.