This One-Of-A-Kind Catskills Hotel Offers Whimsical Themed Rooms You Won't Want To Leave

Typically, travelers are attracted to beautiful sights and adventurous activities, with the choice of a hotel being a second thought. However, some travelers specifically take a trip to visit unique and interesting hotels. There, you'll usually be met with art and décor that fit the theme of a specific subject, immersing you in a fantasy world. According to Trip Advisor, some of the most interesting themed hotels in the U.S. include the Madonna Inn, Jules' Undersea Lodge, Dog Bark Park Inn, and the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge — a place that makes you feel as though a bear will sneak up at any moment.

One themed hotel we don't want you to miss out on is The Roxbury in New York. Staying here is described as "if Alice in Wonderland married Willy Wonka and set up residence in Oz," (via The Roxbury). With a description like that, you're sure to have a magical experience. If this is something that has piqued your interest, we'll let you in on all you need to know about this eclectic hotel.

An exhilarating experience as soon as you arrive

The Roxbury is located at Stratton Falls where you'll find mansion rooms and tower cottages with various themes, per The Roxbury. The exterior of the mansion and cottages are painted white and black with accents of lime green. Although the colors may be simple, the architecture seems like something pulled from a children's storybook. Outside one cottage, sit two towering statues, one of them depicting Medusa — a famous figure in Greek mythology.

As you walk throughout the property, you'll also notice adorably small gargoyles, dragon motifs, a chic black fountain, and collapsed columns in the front yard. Down the road, there is a more affordable option known as The Roxbury Motel. There, different types of beautiful and colorful flowers cover the property. At night, the color continues as shades of green, red, blue, and purple glow from the patios. We also enjoy the comic-themed murals found in front of some of the entrances.

The magical rooms

The design of each room is also a wondrous sight to see. According to The Roxbury, one of the rooms is called The Mill of the Frozen Falls (also known as Room 30). Located inside the mansion, this space was designed to look reminiscent of the 1790s grist mill when it would become shrouded in ice by the Stratton Falls during the winter. It's completely decked out in white, with wood-textured walls and ceiling. Additionally, the bathroom is adorned with two crystal chandeliers, glass vessel sinks, and a shower designed with glass tiles, making it feel as though you're walking into an icy cave.

If you want to experience something even more unique, we suggest taking a look at the available cottages, such as The Faerie Forest. Inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding the nearby waterfall, they created a cottage that appears as though it may belong to Tinkerbell. The inside is full of rustic features and greenery that spreads from the floor to the ceiling, and faux mushrooms poke out from the wall and toward the staircase. In one of the bedrooms, we adore the fairy wallpaper and gold, glittery ceiling.