The Clothing Mistake To Avoid When Packing For Your Safari Vacation

If you're planning a safari, our first question is, "can you fit a team of editors in your carry-on bag?" But that aside, there are plenty of other to-dos before you take off for your safari adventure. First, you need to decide on a location. For example, on those nights you can't sleep, if you count zebras instead of sheep, East Africa should be on your list of considerations. In contrast, if you're hoping to maximize your time among the elephants, you'll want to explore Southern Africa.

Regardless of your chosen region, you'll need to do some Safari preparations, such as double-checking the travel documents and vaccinations required. These action items should start as early as six weeks before your trip, according to How Stuff Works. But if you're anything like us, it will actually take longer to plan what the heck to pack.

We've been dazzled by enough social media videos to start imaging a safari-pack list with plenty of neutral colors, but there are a few critical considerations before zipping that luggage and boarding the plane.

Safari experts say leave these extremes at home

Of course, Katharine Hepburn looked fabulous in the movie "The African Queen," but her crisp white dress is on the "don't bother packing" list for most safari operators and travel experts, like those at Africa Travel. Indeed, travelers are encouraged to wear neutral colors, but white is too bright and stark for most safari regions, be it regions of Africa or a desert safari in Dubai. Moreover, if you think about the goal of blending in with the landscape, white clothing — and anything too bright or boldly printed — will stick out like a sore thumb.

At this point, your instincts might overcorrect and have you reaching for dark colors, like black or really dark brown. Unfortunately, these darker hues attract biting flies, so they are best left at home. But, moving through the color palate, camouflage must be in the running, right? All those neutral shades of beige, tan, and light brown? Yes, a case can certainly be made that this neutral pattern would be great for blending into the bush, but Africa Travel advises safari-goers to skip it since it is sometimes reserved for military troops.

Pack these colors instead

Don't worry; you won't jet off for your safari with just a toothbrush in your suitcase. Although you should skip the far ends of the color spectrum, you'll find plenty of options smack-dab in the middle. In fact, your best options for safari attire are variations on Mother Nature's neutral tones — beige, light green, or pale browns generally work well.

But a chill, middle-of-the-road color scheme doesn't have to be boring either, according to Luxe Adventure Traveler. They suggest the usual safari-appropriate hues of khaki and pale gray, but also pale blue hues with a smidge of grayish undertones or even pale pinks would work well. But regardless of the color choice for your safari outfits, Wild Wings Safaris reminds everyone that it's dusty. Depending on where you are, that dust might also have a reddish hue, so think twice before packing expensive clothing that might travel home with an unwanted souvenir — stains.