14 Bucket List Countries Where The U.S. Dollar Is Strong

There are countries in the world where the U.S. dollar can get you far. It always feels nice to get the most value of the currency exchange. The weaker the local currency, the more affordable it becomes to visit if you're carrying USD. As travel costs steadily increase, choosing your destination wisely allows you to invest less money into having a superb vacation. Whether it's lounging on the beaches of Vietnam, discovering ancient civilizations in Peru, or enjoying the mouthwatering steaks in Argentina, a strong dollar can make your experience less stressful while offering the best chance to help the local economy, too.

We've chosen destinations based on the current standing of their local currency against USD using financial data from such sources as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Bloomberg, Visual Capitalist, Budget Your Trip, and Numbeo (for comparing costs of living). You can find out more about our methodology at the end of the article. We've also taken into account our personal experiences of visiting the countries we mention, which are all ideal for experiencing an exciting trip with the additional bonus of affordability due to the strength of the U.S. dollar.


Times are turbulent for Argentina's economy. It suffered a staggering 143% annual inflation in 2023, and its local currency peso has been devalued 50% against the U.S. dollar. Paradoxically, now is also one of the best times to visit this fantastic South American country. Not only do you get a stunning diversity of destinations (we're talking the eighth-largest country in the world), but the U.S. dollar will get you really, really far. Don't hurry to carry all your cash to the exchange office without reading the info that follows, Argentina has one of the most complicated and tangled currency policies on the globe.

There are several exchange rates here, but visitors should know the term "blue dollar." It's an unofficial rate that is much higher than the government-set one. For example, at the time of writing the official one is 809, and the "blue" stands at 1115 pesos for 1 USD. Now that's a bargain. The safest way to find an exchange office for the blue dollar is by asking a local. If you don't have such an opportunity, look for "Casa de Cambio" (Spanish for "exchange office") on Google in your area and inquire about their rate. You can also wire your USD to yourself using Western Union and withdraw them in pesos with a favorable exchange rate. As we mentioned earlier, it's indeed tangled.


The Land of the Smiles is still among the most wallet-friendly and spectacular destinations you can visit in Southeast Asia. According to Bloomberg, the Thai baht continues to lose value, after falling by 4.4% in 2023, against the U.S. dollar. Currently, the exchange rate is 36.2 THB to $1. To take advantage of this favorable exchange rate, as a rule, don't use the airport exchange offices, as these rates are outrageous. SuperRich is a trusted chain of exchange offices in Bangkok, but before exchanging money, know exactly how much you're going to get. To note, ATMs typically charge a fee (around $6 or $7) for withdrawals.

As for the country itself, Thailand is enticing in its diversity with many spectacular places to visit. Urban animals will have a blast exploring the neon-lit streets and prospects of Bangkok filled with night markets, tall skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and the omnipresent buzz of the big megalopolis. Then there are the sublime white-sand beaches, jungle adventures, and boat tours of Phuket, Koh Tao, and Krabi. For a peaceful embrace of nature, head to the mountains of Chiang Mai in the north. This country is always a pleasant visit both culturally and financially.


While in India, one can't help but be mesmerized. The ancient and modern intertwine here, the food is unbelievably good, and the sense of visceral travel excitement is real. The fact that the USD is strong doesn't hurt either. The Indian rupee has weakened against the U.S. currency, hitting record lows in 2023, so coming here with greenbacks can get you further. Currently, the exchange rate is 83.03 INR to $1. But then India is a budget traveler's dream, too, with lots of affordable accommodation options, cheap restaurants, and extremely wallet-friendly transportation. Just to give you an example, you can hire a taxi driver for the whole day in Delhi for about $18, the cost of one Uber ride in Los Angeles.

And there are just so many things to experience here. Hit the gorgeous beaches of Goa and stay at the waterside bungalow amid the palm trees. See the grandiose Taj Mahal in Agra circling it off your bucket list. Uncover the magical stepwells of Rajasthan, and admire the breathtaking forts of Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Jaisalmer. Dive headfirst into the eclectic city life of Delhi where majestic palaces stand next to skyscrapers. And, of course, fully indulge in the flavors of diverse Indian cuisine trying both the well-known and regional dishes. 


Although the Peruvian sol is in its rising phase right now, according to Reuters, this country is still very much among the most financially comfortable destinations to visit with USD in your pocket. Currently, the exchange rate is 3.88 PEN to $1. Peru is South America at its most grandiose, with Pacific Ocean waters hugging almost 2,000 miles of the coast, peaks of the Andes concealing ancient Incan towns, phantasmagoric rainbow mountains perfect for hiking, Amazon rainforest beaconing with biodiversity, and vibrant cities surprising with their friendliness and approachability. Add the perfect balance between costs and what you're getting, and Peru is a treat.

Talking about the expenses, according to Numbeo, prices in this country are over half lower than in the U.S. with 68% cheaper restaurants and 64.9% lower hotel rates. You can easily spend less than $50 per day and still enjoy the delights of a mid-range travel level. While in Peru, you can't miss a chance to feast on the country's most famous dish, ceviche. The iconic lime juice-seasoned raw fish dish is typically served for around $4 to $7 at local eateries.


Long known as one of the most affordable countries in Europe for tourists and expats, Poland should be high on the list of dollar-carrying visitors. Contrary to many European Union neighbors with EUR, this Central European country retains its local currency called zloty. And the USD fares pretty strong against the latter. In 2023, the value of zloty plunged, according to Reuters, and is still in a recovery phase. At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is 4.05 PLN to $1. Beer at a local pub will cost you under $4, and you can easily have a meal at a fancy restaurant for under $30. Now that's quite a bargain.

Still an underdog of European travel, Poland has enough sights to please everyone. History buffs will be delighted to discover the UNESCO-protected Krakow with one of the most prominent Jewish quarters in the world, Schindler's Factory, and the mighty Wawel Castle. Warsaw boasts a Manhattan-like skyline and uber-cool nightlife. Then there's a wide Baltic coast with endless dunes, city gems like Gdansk and Sopot, and plenty of delicious fish and chips. Go south to find marvelous peaks of the Tatra Mountains that culminate in the spellbinding beauty of Morskie Oko Lake.


Boasting beaches that can rival Croatia and Montenegro, offering mouthwatering cuisine that combines Balkan and Ottoman flavors, and packed full of authenticity, Albania is a surprise Adriatic hit. And now is the time to visit if you have dollars, as the local currency lek's value has been trending down. The exchange rate is very favorable, currently standing at 96.99 ALL to $1. Sure, it's not the most talked-about country on the European continent, but that's exactly why Albania is so enticing. No crowds, all local flare, and uber-affordable prices on everything await you here. It's completely safe to visit, too, as the capital Tirana is a peaceful, laid-back place.

Fully isolated from the outer world during the post-WW II rule of paranoic communist dictator Enver Hoxha until the end of his rule in 1985, Albania had a slow tourist development compared to neighboring Greece and Montenegro. But it is shifting. Tirana, the capital, is pulsating with cozy, greenery-filled terraces. Coastal towns Durrës, Vlorë, and Sarandë offer an affordable way to savor the Adriatic Sea delights. And then you have charming mountain valleys in the north and the picturesque Shkodra Lake to explore, too.


Turkish lira saw one of the biggest drops in value against the dollar in 2023. The fall of 36.6% was a substantial one, and the country's economy is far from a stable place at the moment. That in no way means that you should give it a pass. Quite the contrary. Come to Turkey for year-round sunny days on the vast Mediterranean coast, the indulgence of an all-inclusive hotel, the architectural wonders of Istanbul, and the Instagrammable allure of hot air balloons in Cappadocia.

Istanbul is, naturally, the best place to begin your acquaintance with Turkey. This megacity of 16 million comes with an affordable price tag and exuberant diversity. Centuries-old mosques rub shoulders with ancient bazaars, vibrant neighborhoods of Galata, Cihangir, and Kadikoy call for unhurried exploration, and the hundreds of food spots invite you to taste local delights. Turkey also offers five-star, all-inclusive vacations that won't break the bank, and the current exchange rate of 30.76 TRY to $1 adds even more value. Resort towns of Alanya, Side, and Antalya have many options to choose from, and you can even score a full-board deal with a sea view starting at $100 per night. 


Some currencies are weaker than others, but according to Forbes, the Vietnamese dong is currently the second-weakest currency in the world. Does it mean that you should skip Vietnam? Absolutely not. With the exchange rate at 24,425 VND to $1, now is the time to travel to this country. Also, the overall costs in Vietnam are very low. According to Budget Your Trip, the average hotel price in Hanoi, for example, is $28, while an evening for two in a restaurant will be around $20, per Numbeo. With dollars, you're certainly going further in terms of your finances, and the value you're getting is superb.

That's because Vietnam is a country of exceptional beauty. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of war, it has been able to reinvent itself as a Southeast Asia tourism powerhouse. You can't remain indifferent to the fairytale-like scenery of Halong Bay, or resist an urge to sample all the local dishes like pho, bahn-mi, or nem ran. Both Ho Chi Min and Hanoi, the country's largest cities, are well worth a visit for their energetic food scene and vigorous nightlife, as well as their eclectic mix of modern architecture and French colonial buildings.


When it comes to Hungary, there's no curtain to raise. Everyone's heard about Budapest, and many have visited this crown jewel of Europe. But if visiting now, when the country's local currency forint is weak, you can get more value from spending U.S. dollars. The current exchange rate is 360 HUF to $1. The capital welcomes you with open arms if you're on the budget, too. Budapest is frequently named among the most affordable cities in Europe for a break. The key to saving is traveling on weekdays and choosing off-season.

Other than the low costs, Budapest is the ultimate eye candy. Take a cruise down the Danube River that pierces the city in two, and you can see the stunning Parliament Building, which mesmerizes with its mighty looks, and the imposing Buda Castle, which overlooks the city from atop its hill. And don't miss the many local thermal baths like palace-reminiscent Szécsényi and Gellért. During weekdays, you can score a discounted entry).


When one hears Indonesia, the quintessential images of the pristine beaches, enigmatic jungles, Komodo dragons, and thousands of islands come to the imagination. And that's exactly what you're getting in this country. With U.S. dollars, it becomes even more accessible. In 2023, the local rupiah fell drastically in value against the USD, with a current exchange rate of 15,63 IDR to $1. For dollar-carrying travelers, this means that Bali and Lombok just became cheaper. Not that it has ever been too expensive. With an average daily cost of around $60, according to Budget Your Trip, an Indonesia vacation is a fantastic deal considering what you're getting.

Sprawling Indonesia is a treat for the senses. Your holiday here will be about marveling at the centuries-old Buddhist temples, admiring the unbelievable green landscapes of the cascading tea plantations, snorkeling with green sea turtles, witnessing the active volcanoes, and getting one-on-one (at a distance) with mythical Komodo dragons. It will be full of awe, nature appreciation, holistic spa procedures, and delicious local cuisine.

South Africa

According to Reuters, the South African rand continues to steadily fall against the U.S. dollar, meaning the interest of value-seeking travelers seeking to visit should only rise. The current exchange rate is 19.02 ZAR to $1. South Africa can also be a very affordable destination, with a median hotel price of $61, per Budget Your Trip. One thing to take into consideration before coming, though, is safety. The U.S. State Department suggests exercising extreme caution, and this should be duly observed. Familiarize yourself with safety precautions before traveling, choose accommodation in a good area, use common sense, and you'll be fine.

The number one reason to visit South Africa is the nature. Here, planet Earth is in its most epic state, with giant mountains towering over cities, leopards roaming stunning national parks, and the strong waves of not one but three oceans caressing the impressive, rugged coast. South Africa is a revelation; it's rightly among the top bucket list destinations in the world. With a strong dollar, a visit feels even more enticing.


Not only does the U.S. dollar run very strong in the Philippines, as $1 currently exchanges at 56 PHP, but it's a country of exceptional beauty with countless opportunities to have a memorable vacation. You're going to have no problems in finding a good correlation between cost and value here, as the Philippines is among the world's most affordable destinations, per Budget Your Trip. When arriving in Manila by plane, however, don't exchange for pesos at the airport. Take your dollars to the exchange offices located in SM Supermalls instead.

Encountering the sheer island beauty of the Phillippines for the first time is an awe-inspiring moment. The skyscraper-heavy labyrinth of Manila has its chaotic charms, but be sure to venture outside to one of the country's 7000 islands. Whether it's Palawan, Cebu, or Panay, the white-sand beaches will warm up your toes, the crystal-clear waters will lure you with fantastic snorkeling, and the peaks of volcanoes (dormant and active) will set an unforgettable scene.


Japan doesn't need an introduction. Its sakura bloom charms are well-known, Tokyo is among the planet's greatest cities, and the country's cuisine has long bewildered the world with sushi, sashimi, miso, and teriyaki among myriads of other local foods. What is lesser known is the fact that the Japanese yen fell 7% against the USD in 2023, and according to Nikkei Asia, continues its weak streak. And while Japan is not an affordable country such as, say, Thailand or Albania, now it's a great moment in time to save with the dollar at its strongest. With a current exchange rate of 150 JPY to $1, follow the best practices of budget travel, and you will be impressed by how much you can save on a trip here.

While the average hotel price stands at $102, per Budget Your Trip, you can find cheaper deals by comparing rates on several platforms like Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, and Airbnb. Once finding a good option, don't forget to check their official website for a direct rate. When traveling around the country, also consider the JR Pass for saving on trains and low-cost airlines for cheaper flights. When dining, ask for the lunch menu at restaurants, go to the subway and railway stations for better-priced eateries, and opt for a teishoku (or a set menu).


For many travelers, Cambodia is primarily associated with Angkor Wat. This sprawling 400-acre temple complex is the most visited attraction in the country and one of the world's most striking ancient monuments. But the country itself is much more than one attraction, and with the dollar incredibly strong against the Cambodian riel, you'll find fantastic value during your trip. Currently, the exchange rate is 4,078 KHR to $1.

Transportation is extremely cheap, the food is delicious, and the authenticity is absolute. Talking about the latter, Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital, may well be among the last major city outposts without mass tourism in Southeast Asia. That alone makes the visit here utterly charming. Plan to spend several days uncovering the timeless beauty of Angkor Wat, profit from the sun and white beaches of Koh Rong Island, engage in bird-watching at the magical Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, and don't miss a whirlwind performance of "Phare, the Cambodian Circus," a matter of national pride, in Siem Reap.


This article is based on thorough financial research of the state of the world's currency market. We used a range of trusted sources, including Forbes, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, BBC, and various destination-specific financial media, to get to the bottom of various economies. We also viewed investment platforms like Visual Capitalist to determine which world currencies were weakest against the dollar at the moment.

To put the financials in perspective, data from Numbeo and Budget Your Trip was taken into account. Also, we pulled from personal experience of visiting the countries on this list and exchanging USD for local currencies. Many tips and tricks of exchanging currency were included in the article along with suggestions from Redditors. Finally, in each case, we offered the current exchange rates, at the time of this writing, based on Forbes Advisor data.