The Most Unusual Hotels In The World

The fact that these mind-blowing structures are hotels, motels and inns is astounding. Whether you are an architect, art enthusiast, avid reader, environmentalist, seafarer or engineer, you'll appreciate the creativity of these dwellings

Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Unlike most hotels, this one changes every year. That's because it's made out of ice from the waters of the Torne River, and when winter comes to an end, the suites melt into the river. 

Mountain View's Tree House Joint, Monroe, Washington

This treehouse hotel gives being high in the sky a whole new meaning. Part of the burgeoning cannabis tourism industry, Mountain View's Tree House Joint in Monroe, Washington, is a marijuana-friendly glamping experience. There are three houses: the Pot Leaf treehouse, the Hashtag treehouse and the 420 treehouse.

Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht, Netherlands

Rather than getting judged for falling asleep in church, sleeping is welcomed at Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht, Netherlands. This Gothic church and former monastery dates back to the 15th century and is now a 60-room hotel. Sun streams through stained glass windows and the cobbled streets of Vrijthof Square are close by.

El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas

This is a step beyond America's best RV parks. El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, has trailers, yurts, tepees, safari tents or an annex that has actual walls. 

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

This one's for the animal lovers. The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, is set on 12 acres of land and is home to a herd of Rothschild's giraffes, an endangered subspecies of the Northern giraffe. The giraffes have been known to poke their long necks right through the open windows of the manor in search of a treat around breakfast and dinner

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselkä, Finland

This isn't an average sleeping-under-the-stars situation. At Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, it's sleeping in a glass igloo under the northern lights.  

Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are only three suites at the Crane Hotel Faralda in Amsterdam, and each of them is decorated with a different theme. There's also a heated pool with a harbor view. The hotel stands amid a former shipyard and is surrounded by bars and restaurants.

Red Caboose Motel, Ronks, Pennsylvania

All aboard. The Red Caboose Motel in Ronks, Pennsylvania, opened in 1970 with 19 25-ton cabooses. Today, there are 38, along with a baggage car and a mail car. There is a restaurant and gift shop on-site as well as suites in an on-site farmhouse.

Pousada Castelo de Óbidos, Óbidos, Portugal

The Pousada Castelo de Óbidos, an enchanting castle hotel in Óbidos, Portugal, is located in a medieval village. There are 11 rooms in the castle and more lodging in the cottages on site.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

The Treehotel in Harads, Sweden, has seven variations of tree houses: the blue cone, the dragonfly, the UFO, the cabin, the mirrorcube, the bird's nest and the 7th cube. Each is designed differently inside and out to pique imaginations and provide different vantage points  in the mesmerizing surroundings of a pine forest in northern Sweden.

La Balade des Gnomes Hotel, Heyd, Belgium

The 11 rooms at La Balade des Gnomes in Heyd, Belgium, look like they're from a fairytale. The rooms charm with quaint village flair, magic forests and unparalleled adventure. The most notable lodging, however, might be the Trojan Horse. Yes, just like the one from Greek mythology.

Kolarbyn Ecolodge, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

Kolarbyn Ecolodge in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden, doesn't have running water or electricity. Instead the rooms are small and earthy and most similar to primitive huts.

Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, California

These accomodations are among  the most haunted hotels in America. The Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California, is docked and stationary and has 347 first-class staterooms and suites that were part of the original ship when she took her maiden voyage in 1936.

Seashell house, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Look at this house, isn't it neat? Wouldn't it make a collection complete? This beachy spot has a beautiful view and a private pool. 

Karosta Prison Hotel, Liepaja, Latvia

All the amenities without the mugshot and criminal record. This abandoned prison in Liepaja, Latvia, would make for one eerie experience. There are hard wooden beds or the chief officer suite, which has an ornate king-size bed.

Inntel, Zaandam, Amsterdam

Traditional Zaan homes were seemingly fused together to create this hotel. And with all the charming history of the region reflected on the outside, the rooms are modern on the inside.

CasAnus, Stekene, Belgium

The CasAnus in Stekene, Belgium, is not for the faint of stomach. The intestinal suite is located in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park and was created by artist Joep van Lieshout. It is equipped with running water and a toilet for guests' own digestive needs.

The Beaumont, Mayfair, London

ROOM at the Beaumont hotel in Mayfair, London is a suite and a sculpture. Sculptor Antony Gormley created the cave-like room to encourage those who stay in it to take a break from the bustling life outside. The tall, wood-paneled walls and lack of decor make the bedroom a mysterious, meditative escape for its inhabitants while the rest of the suite stays true to the art-deco inspired rooms throughout the rest of the hotel.

Nimb, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nimb was built in 1909 to model an Arabian castle. Its interior reflects modern Scandanavian style while maintaining its Moorish past. The hotel has 38 rooms and five restaurants.

Skylodge Adventure Suites, Cusco, Peru

Cliff-dwelling in the modern era might be the only way to describe these capsules in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru. The walls are all glass, giving a mesmerizing view of the valley below. And now that you have toured some of the most unusual hotels in the world take a look at some of the most spectacular in the world.