The World's Best Wellness Retreats

Everyone wants to go on vacation. Escape from work, get away from all of the other duties of everyday life, and really relax. But think back to your last trip. How relaxing was it really? Be honest.

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We hope you're reminiscing to a rejuvenating getaway right now. But if your last vacation involved more stress than rest, maybe you're ready to consider taking your time off to the next level.

Here's a pretty silly question: Which sounds better? Going on vacation or a retreating to a world renowned wellness resort? Yeah, we didn't have to think too hard about that one either. For all you smarties who chose the latter, our list of The World's Top 12 Wellness Retreats will introduce you to the best health and wellness resorts in the world.

From estate palaces in India to rustic lodges in Yosemite's backyard, these serene sanctuaries are among the most highly rated health and wellness leisure destinations on the planet. No matter what your favorite way to relax is, these 12 resorts offer unique and rejuvenating experiences for everyone from the dedicated, meditative yogi to the most active of outdoor adventurers.