The World's Most Incredible Hotel Pools

The typical hotel pool might bring to mind images of rowdy kids, tiny towels and water all over the floor. Not exactly a relaxing experience—and swimming laps? Good luck.[slideshow:1209]

It can be tough and expensive to find a hotel that will guarantee a quality swim, but avoiding the crowds (and that awful chlorine smell) is worth the research—and might even be worth the extra money. Hotel amenities are often a traveler's afterthought rather than a determining factor in booking, but there are a few hotels that offer pools so stunning and unbelievable that they might just be the main attraction.

From tropical Infinity pools with exceptional views to rooftop plunges that will take you over the edge of city streets, these 13 hotel pools blow all other competition out of the water. Take a tour of the world's most incredible hotel pools and start saving for your overnight stay.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti—Tanzania

The term "safari" conjures images of jeeps and jungles, but you won't need to trek far from this hotel to see wildlife up close. Just beyond the edge of the Four Seasons' infinity pool is a shallow pit of water that draws animals, giving swimmers an unforgettable view. Catch a glimpse of elephants, buffalo and maybe a lion or leopard from the comfort of the cool water. This westward facing pool also offers a great view of the sunset.

Gansevoort Park Avenue—NYC

Set in the heart of Manhattan, the Park Avenue Gansevoort is just minutes from some of the best known attractions in the city, but guests who find the pool have a hard time leaving the hotel. The heated rooftop pool 20 stories above the city street offers an unbelievable view of the Empire State Building and features a Mosaic 1940's pin up art piece on the pool floor. The pool is open year round and has a garage door to block out the elements when the harsh New York winter arrives.

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