What Your Favorite Ski Brand Says About You


Salomon skiers live for pushing the envelope. You're out on the mountain for one reason and one reason only—because you're addicted to the freedom. Taking on unexplored territory, discovering the freshest powder stashes and generally making other skiers insanely jealous is on your daily agenda and you simply wouldn't have it any other way.


There's just one way to describe a Rossignol skier: effortlessly classic. You're the ultimate source of sage wisdom on the mountain, helping out those who don't have the skill or impeccable instinct that comes natural to you. When you're not dolling out advice you're enjoying every single day out there. Snow or sunshine, powder days or icy conditions, you are the living embodiment of the phrase, "a bad day skiing is still better than a good day doing just about anything else."


What sets these skiers apart is their never-ending drive to be faster. Other skiers won't be able to read your skis, but they'll know what you're riding after you fly by in a blur of color. Whether you race officially and keep your time or simply judge your improving swiftness by the windburn on your face, you don't rest until you're positive you beat everyone down the mountain—especially those fearless little kids and the older folks who have been ruling the mountain for decades.


The "no-frills" all-mountain skier, Volkl riders dabble in a little bit of everything. From resort slopes to backcountry terrain and, of course, pond skimming at the end of the season, you're not afraid to push your skills—and skis—to the limit. You love ski culture (and your brand) and you'll be the first to recommend Volkl skis. You're about the legacy and will eagerly get on the mountain every chance you get this winter—and then you'll take trips in the summer too.


Atomic skiers are the cool kids on the mountain and they don't mind that reputation one bit. Your sweet looking skis accompany your killer moves from park and pipe, well into the deep woods. You're a lifelong athlete, accustomed to crushing any and all competition but you've found your sweet spot on the snow and are only competing with yourself. Instagram couldn't possibly capture the level of epic in your on-mountain adventures, but that doesn't mean you won't try to capture the moment anyway.