What Is A Travel Expo?

A travel expo is a convention that brings together potential travelers with industry experts like travel agents and resort representatives. The general purpose of a travel expo is to educate the consumer on trends, deals and other pertinent travel information, but these events are also great places to meet people who are interested in travel.

Some expos will feature presentations or activities, others will have booths set up and some combine formats. Travel companies attend these events for exposure to new clients and to keep up on the latest industry news, and they often feature "show-only deals." These deals are special rates available to those at the expo. While attending an expo, people have the option to book trips on the spot or they can take information and book trips at a later date. There are people who book trips exclusively through expos for the personal experience and on-the-spot deals.

In addition to meeting with people in the industry, those who attend travel expos usually have the opportunity to win prizes or free trips. The events going on during the expo can be interesting, as well. At the Washington DC Travel & Adventure Show in 2014 attendees had the opportunity to take scuba diving lessons in a pool, scale a rock climbing wall or test out a segway. During that same expo, guests were also able to see exotic cooking demos and cultural performances. 

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