What Is Glamping?

Pitching a tent or building your own campfire is not appealing to all. But most people love to get outside and be surrounded by the beautiful outdoors. So, the answer to spending time camping, without the 'roughing it' aspect, is glamping.

Glamping, a hybrid between glamour and camping has become quite popular on the global stage. Glamping allows you to camp in complete comfort and added style. Usually, the lodging is within a bell tent, safari tent, tree house, yurt, tipi or pod. Glamping recently came to the U.S. in the past decade, inspired by the luxury camping styles of Africa.

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The campsites, or glampsites range in price, but are dominantly priced high for their stylish and luxurious decor and designs. Designs often consist of brighter colors as opposed to the green and tan blends found in most camping gear. Most sites offer amenities such as a bathroom, fresh linens, food service, and electricity. While some glampsites keep the experience of sleeping in a sleeping bag (a very comfortable sleeping bag), most go so far to offer full mattresses.

There are different styles of glamping. Some people go on safari glamping trips, or hiking glamping trips. Glamping attracts a wealthier crowd who is still excited for adventure in the outdoors. It is very popular among city dwellers who want to get out of the hustle and bustle and sleep under the stars, but aren't quite willing to sleep on the direct ground to do so.

The best aspect of glamping, is that it still promotes adventure. Instead of renting a hotel room, you are placed right in the middle of nature. You can experience that quiet isolation, yet feel as comfortable as you would if you'd never left your favorite amenities of home. And with glamping increasing in popularity, you can experience the outdoors of the world. Head to the Hintock River Camp in Thailand or the Kichwa Tembo Tented Safari Camp in Kenya. There are plenty of adventures that await, with extra pillows and candles included.

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