Watch! You Won't Believe How This See-Through Surfboard Was Made

There are gear innovations and then there are gear transformations—this see-through surf board is most definitely a transformation.

Ernest Packaging and Signal Snowboards took the typical surfboard and rethought the concept from the very first step—the materials. In their attempt to push paper to the limit, through their video series called Cardboard Chaos, they set out to make a functional paper surfboard. Last spring they put together a snowboard made of cardboard and tested it out on the mountain.

Using hexacomb shapes made of paper and polyurethane to waterproof and seal the design, the board began to take shape. Future Fins and Surf Prescriptions took care of the finishing touches, which included a cardboard fin and a fiberglass casing and then pro surfers Brennan Clarke, CJ Kanuha and Jeff Deffenbaugh took it to the water to test it out. See how the board held up in the video below.