Watch: North Of The Sun—The Coldest Surf Documentary Ever Made

In Europe, "Nordfor sola" ("North of the Sun"), or "The Coldest Wave," for English speakers, has been touted as one of the year's best surf films. But, as its name suggests, blue skies and palm trees are not a part of the equation—this documentary takes place in an uninhabited bay of a remote arctic island off of the coast of northern Norway. 

From September through May, 25-year-old Inge Wegge and 22-year-old Jørn Ranum lived in a ramshackle hut built from driftwood and other found objects, facing temperatures cold enough to freeze their olive oil (indoors) and existing in near 24-hour darkness. The pair's goal was to collect one ton of garbage (which was eventually lifted out by a helicopter), making a statement about sustainable living—but also, to relish the surf that they say is so often neglected by Norwegians.

"Some days you can have the perfect wave and you're alone," Wegge said

The result from their nine month expedition is this 46-minute documentary—a film that's already sweeping up awards at several European film festivals. Check the trailer (above), and (anxiously) await its public release.