VIDEO: Take (Another) Ride On A Great White Shark

Another day, another shark-riding video. Sports camera maker GoPro has decided to up the ante on last month's Mark Healey/Roberta Mancino joint, in which the surfer-skydiver pair rode tiger sharks in the Bahamas.

Today's subjects: aptly named freediver Ocean Ramsey and a great white.

Ramsey, a Hawaii-based advocate for these endangered creatures had this to say about her experience, on the website

It's difficult to express the incredible joy and breathtaking emotion experienced locking eyes with a Great White shark. Watching the shark acknowledge and observe me, while I peacefully and calmly allowed it to swim towards me, and then experiencing it accepting my touch, allowing me to dorsal and tail ride. The connection felt as I repeatedly pet and hitched a ride on several of these sharks reminded me of my experience with horses.

What's next? Holding the tail of a bounding Siberian tiger? Riding hump on a grizzly? How about having tea on the back of a sunning crocodile?

Thank me later, GoPro.

Via The Goat.