VIDEO: Moose Strolls Through Canadian Grocery Store

A sick moose surprised grocery shoppers in Smithers, B.C., this week when it wandered into a Safeway in search of food. Customers captured the event with their smart phones, including one daring employee's successful attempt to lead the moose out of the store with an apple.

One witness, Harold Gyger, told CBC that the moose followed people into the store after they fed the animal apples. Officials plan to investigate this report.

"We can't have the public feeding wildlife," Sgt. Kevin Nixon told CBC. "We could have had a very dangerous situation on our hands had that moose been trapped in the store or started to freak out."

Nixon said the animal was a problem moose that had been seen in town before and had previously exhibited aggressive behavior.

B.C. Conservation Officers tranquilized the moose and tried to relocate it outside of the city. However, the animal was weak due to a severe tick infestation and did not survive. Ticks are an increasing problem in moose populations, and can cause anemia and other health issues in the animals.

Via CBC.