Video: BASE Jumper Pulls A Wile E. Coyote

Russian BASE jumpers have had a hard time of it lately. Just last month, Red Bull athlete Valery Rozov pronounced to the international press that he'd just completed a world-record-setting BASE jump, only to be quickly discredited by a husband-and-wife team who'd logged a higher jump years earlier.

And now comes this latest viral video of a BASE jump gone horribly wrong by yet another Russian daredevil. The botched stunt happend last winter, but the video is just now making the rounds. Disclaimer: Some might find this footage disturbing, and it is. But the good news is that, despite the fact his parachute failed to open after leaping from 120-meter-high (that's 393 feet, folks) electrical tower in Konakova, Russia, the "lucky" young man survived. According to reports, the unnamed jumper broke both legs, his pelvis and several vertebrae, but was walking again three months later. Good thing he wasn't trying this jump in the summer.

We tried not to invoke the oh-so-obvious Wile E. Coyote reference, but watch the video above, then watch this clip of the Warner Brothers star himself, and then try denying the eerie resemblance.