A Vented Helmet, Anti-Glare Goggles And 5 Other Spring Skiing Essentials

Spring is a bittersweet season for avid skiers—the time on their favorite slopes is quickly coming to a close but the sun and snow combination is hard to beat. However you may feel about it, the right gear is important any time of year. Take in all that spring has to offer with the help of these seven essentials for the slopes in spring.

Vented Helmet: the Kingston by Bern Unlimited

When it comes to safety on the slopes, a helmet is crucial any time of year but when the temperatures start to rise and the sun comes out, you'll want a breathable alternative to the enclosed helmet. The Kingston is a great choice with features like vents you can open and close without taking your gloves off and Zipmold technology that provides maximum protection with minimal weight.
bernunlimited.com; $150

Anti-Glare Goggles: the I/O7 from Smith

Conditions are always changing on the mountain and that's especially true during spring. It's helpful to have a goggle that can change just as fast as the conditions and the I/O7 fits the bill. Two lenses, a quick lens release system and three layers of foam make this a great option for when the season starts to turn.
smithoptics.com; $225

Vest: the Combustion Cloud Max Gilet from Super.Natural

When the weather on the slopes starts to warm it's important to find the right balance for the cool mornings and sun-soaked afternoons. A vest, like the Cloud Max Gilet, can provide the perfect balance of warmth and breathability all day.
sn-supernatural.com; $190

Shell: the Evergreen Shell Jacket from Colombia

For the days it still feels a bit chilly or windy on the mountain, a shell with built-in vents is a great option. The Evergreen Shell features breathable nylon legacy twill and underarm vents in addition to the built in reflective warmth of Omni-Heat technology.
colombia.com; $80

Snow Pants: the Farrows Twill Pant by The North Face

It's all about balance when it comes to spring snow pants, the ideal is a waterproof pant that feels great and vents when it gets warm. The Farrows Twill Pant does just that—the completely waterproof polyester twill keeps you dry and warm while the inner thigh vents keep you cool.
thenorthface.com; $140

Light Gloves: the Power Stretch Glove from Marmot

Put those hand warmers and gigantic gloves away, spring is the time for light gloves that offer stretch and just the right amount of warmth. The Power Stretch Glove pulls double duty as a cold weather liner or a standalone glove. The super stretch and wicking technology make this light glove extra valuable in the spring when the slopes get a bit warmer.
marmot.com; $30

On-Mountain Power Source: the Brunton ALL DAY

The last thing anyone wants to hear on the slopes is the beeping of a dead GoPro battery; a power source will ensure the camera lasts as long as you can. The Brunton All Day works with the HERO3+ and conveniently fits on the back of an existing case. The incredible little 4,000 MaH battery can keep your GoPro going up to four times longer and if your phone starts to lose power the ALL DAY can charge that too.
brunton.com; $55