Colorado's Trinchera 14ers To Be Protected

A billionaire hedge-fund manager wants to keep three fourteener peaks and 90,000 acres of wild land unspoiled for good in Colorado.

Louis Bacon is the man behind the plan, who is proposing a portion of his 170,000-acre Trinchera Ranch to be included in a federal conservation easement. Much of Trinchera is already protected through separate state easements, according to the Denver Post.

The ranch is located next to Great Sands Dunes National Park near the southern border of the state and serves as a natural migratory passage for several animal species, from bighorn sheep to black bears.

Trinchera, which would continue to allow recreational activities under the proposal, is also home to hiking delights Blanca Peak, Mount Lindsey and Little Bear Peak.

Bacon is Forbes' 312th richest American, but may just be the most environmentally minded of his billionaire peers.

"This effort, if it moves forward, will help to ensure that this magnificent view and wildlife habitat remains undisturbed forever. In the long run, it should help tourism and, therefore, the local economy, and help preserve the heritage of the area," said Bacon, who will also receive tax breaks through the process of contributing his land to the Sangre de Cristo Conservation Area project throughout Colorado and northern New Mexico.

It appears as if the rewarding view from Blanca Peak will remain pristine for ages to come. 

Via Denver Post