The Worst Things To Wear To An Airport According To TSA Agents

The Worst Things to Wear to an Airport According to TSA Agents

The Transportation Security Administration is the agency everybody loves to hate. Agents seem like they are always out to "get" passengers and make their lives miserable when, in fact, they are just doing their jobs. Agents have spoken out about what people should avoid doing and wearing at the airport if they want to avoid stress, delays and possible ban on flying. The following list is based on reports by Who What Wear, One Country, and Airfarewatchdog

Huge dresses

Chances are that you will be patted down if you wear very loose dresses, shirts or skirts. They are very comfortable, but security agents need to make sure that passengers are not hiding anything under their clothes.

Cargo pants

The problem with cargo pants is that they have too many pockets. TSA agents describe them as "the worst." The pockets almost always set off an alarm and people often forget that they left something like a lighter or keys in one of the dozen pouches.

Lots of hair pins

You're going to have to remove them because they will set of the metal alarm. Your hairdo will be ruined and everyone in line will give you mean looks because you're holding up the line. Hopefully, you're not in a hurry to catch your flight. Play it safe and fix your hair after you pass security.

Lots of metal jewelry

Keep it simple when you have a flight to catch. Large metal objects, even if they are obvious pieces of jewelry, will set off the metal detector. As is the case with the bobby pins, store bracelets and necklaces in a separate bag until you pass security, and put them on afterwards.

Bulky pullovers

They are like jackets. You'll be either patted down or you'll have to remove them so you can pass through security. Taking clothes off at the airport is never a pleasant experience and it usually comes with messy hair and a problem to manage carry-on bags, purses, laptops, and, possibly, kids all at the same time.  

Bras with metal underwires

"You shouldn't wear ANYTHING with wires in it through security," a TSA agent once told a passenger, who didn't know her underwear had metal wires. People have missed their flights because of their bra, according to news reports. If the metal alarm goes off, you will be patted down.

Cartier Love bracelets

"The biggest problem item is the Cartier Love bracelet," Kimberly Pruitt, a former TSA agent told Who What Wear. "These bracelets can only be removed with a screwdriver, so they become an issue when going through security. It might be wise to put your jewelry on after screening to avoid a pat down."


The problem is that most people don't take it off until they are about to pass the metal detector. The best way to ensure you move quickly is to have everything out on the conveyer belt as soon as possible. Wear pants that don't fall down if you don't have a belt. You'll also save yourself a lot of embarrassment.

Shoes that are difficult to take off

Taking off your shoes to pass security is a standard procedure and has been for years. Unless you're a child under 12 or an elderly person, don't act surprised if you're asked to remove your shoes. Don't wear footwear with a lot of laces or giant and tight boots. What takes forever to take off will also take long to put back on.

Offensive clothing

Nothing good can come out of wearing clothes with offensive messages or pictures. You can actually be kicked off a plane for this risky move, as media outlets have reported. In one example, a student was wearing a T-shirt with the words "Broad F—king City." Even if you're not removed, you'll draw extra attention to yourself, possibly holding you up until you're eventually cleared to board the plane.