Would New York's Chief Green Space Fit In Your City?

When it comes to urban parks, there are the tiny sections of green amongst endless asphalt and concrete, there are the parks that can actually accommodate people and then there are the sprawling, lush beauties that people travel to see for themselves.

Select cities around the world are home to these urban wonders—think London, Dublin and, of course, New York (among others). Although New York City's Central Park may not be the biggest urban park around, it is certainly one of the most infamous.

According to Brian Shreckengast of the SpareFoot Blog, "the massive emerald rectangle running down Manhattan's length is 2.5 miles long and a half mile wide, weighing in at 843 acres." And although those numbers are impressive, it's still pretty tough to map that out in your mind—so SpareFoot used a mapping tool to give you a better picture and then put it into an infographic.