The 12 Worst Airports In The World According To Pilots And Flight Attendants

Airports are dreaded by many, and for good reason. Some are so bad that you count down the minutes until your flight leaves, while others are so incredible that you wish your layover was longer.

From dangerous and scary runways to airports with the worst TSA checkpoints, being a passenger can be a stressful experience. But passengers are not the only people who suffer from the hassle of traveling. Have you ever wondered what the pilots and flight attendants think about it all? These employees have to endure the trials of the world's most hectic and disorganized airports way more often than you do.[slideshow:89836]

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Though they often enjoy privileges like not having to pass through the terminal like everyone else, they too have bad airport experiences. The most important factor for the crew is to be able to get in and out of an airport quickly, especially after working a 10- to 16-hour day.

The comments on Reddit are from anonymous pilots and flight attendants. Here's our roundup of what they say are the worst airports in the world.


The Worst Airports in the World According to Pilots and Flight Attendants


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