The Most Annoying Passengers On Your Flight

Spring break is right around the corner, which means flying is about to get way more irritating than it already is. If you're looking for a stress-free travel experience, sorry to break it too you, but you picked the wrong time to book your flight.

According to a recent survey by Expedia, 50% of Americans get annoyed by the "Audio Insensitive" person, who talks loud, and plays their music loud enough for their neighbors to hear. But what do they do about it? Culture Cheat Sheet explains, "even when another traveler acts like a jerk, most people let it slide. Half of people said they'd ignore an inconsiderate passenger. Ten percent said they'd secretly record the offender on their phone, 3% said they'd shame them on social media, and 21% admitted they'd ask the person to stop."

Unfortunately, disturbing incidents are common, according to CNN, "a new low may just have been reached for weary road warriors: The overwhelmingly smelly passenger." They explain, a man was reportedly kicked off a plane because of his strong body odor.

Well, its life... annoying passengers exist. But do they know they are actually annoying? Read below to see the Most Annoying Passengers on Your Flight. If you happen to relate with one of them, there is still time to turn it around because let's be honest, no one really wants to be the annoying passenger.


1. The Talker- You get on the plane, hook your travel pillow around your neck and as you're about to doze off, your neighbor begins talking. Nothing is worse than sitting next to a stranger who won't stop talking.  

2. The Armrest Hog- So you're stuck in the middle seat, yeah I know it stinks. Sorry, but you are not entitled to both armrests. Share the armrests and leave some space for the person sitting next to you.

3. The Drinker- OK, we understand some people get nervous on flights. Drinking may even help you fall asleep faster. However, when one drink turns into five it has a tendency to transform that passenger into a loud, annoying flyer, that probably gets up to use the restroom one to many times. You're on a plane, not at a New Year's Eve party, there is absolutely nowhere else to go. Wait until you arrive at your destination, then celebrate and have a few drinks.

4. The Kicker- To the person who adjusts themselves several times throughout their flight, please stop kicking and bumping into the seat in front of you. According to Expedia, "when asked to choose from a list of annoying behaviors, 61% of Americans cited seat-kicking as a top in-flight concern." We are all crammed into a small place suffering with little leg room. Have some respect for the passenger in front of you and stop waking them up by moving their seat.

5. The Leaner- Your body is yours and it's not meant to be used as a human headrest. Falling asleep on your neighbor is rude and makes them uncomfortable. If you have a tendency to lean over as you fall asleep, purchase a travel pillow.

6. The Person with Too Many Carry-On Bags- First of all, how did they make it through airport security without being told to check some of their bags? Bringing too many bags on the plane is rude; the overhead compartments are there for everyone, and they end up taking too much space. Or, end up sitting with their bags crammed at their feet and making the flight uncomfortable for everyone.

7. The Sick Person- Airplanes are full of germs and there is always that one person (hopefully not your neighbor) constantly sniffling or coughing. We get you can't miss your flight because you are sick, but at least bring some tissues and make sure cough away from your neighbor.

8. The Screaming Child- Trying to sleep on a plane while listening to a screaming child is very disturbing. Don't take it personal, it's ruining the flight experience for you and everyone else around you. Make sure you bring headphones, they may not completely block the noise, but listening to music may at least help distract you from it.


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