Adventurous Destinations For Fall—And What To Do When You're There

Ask most people across the country when they travel and you're likely to get one of two answers: over the holidays or over the summer. [slideshow:79359]

Those popular travel times draw big crowds to the airports and roads and they typically also come with hefty price tags. If you still have some vacation time, though, fall can be a great time to travel.

If you're ready to set off on your next big adventure, but you're not sure where to go (or, better yet, what to do), we've compiled a list of incredible things you can do in some of the most interesting places in the world.

From British Columbia to Zambia, here are 11 remarkable destinations you should visit this fall and the top thing you should do while you're there.

British Columbia—Sea Kayak Amid Killer Whales

When it comes to seeing whales, you can watch from the side of a large boat or you can paddle out in a sea kayak on the water's surface and experience their movements up close. Early fall is an incredible time to observe killer whales (orcas) in their natural habitat. In British Columbia, Johnstone Strait is a well-known feeding spot for the whales and many outfitters run tours in that region. With guides, gear and everything arranged, you can truly enjoy the wonder of up-close encounters without worrying about the details.

Death Valley, Calif.—Camp and Explore

One of the largest national parks in the country, Death Valley is an other-worldly land of extremes and it's best experienced in late fall. Toward the end of October, the unbelievably hot temperatures of summer have faded into a pattern of warm weather and mostly clear skies, while the park stays relatively uncrowded until mid-November. Autumn is the start of camping season in the park and it's a great time to take in the unobstructed night sky. Late fall is also prime time for world-renowned mountain biking and hiking in the park, just be sure to visit in the late-October to early-November window for the best conditions, minus the crowds.

9 other Adventurous Destinations for Fall

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