These Spots Are The Most Mesmerizing Places On Earth

The world is a wide, wonderful place full of incredible sights that will take your breath away. From natural wonders to man-made marvels to odd anomalies, there are locations around the globe that demand your attention so much that you can't simply see them and walk away. They mesmerize you, making you stop and stare to take them in. Some of them hold secrets even scientists aren't able to crack.

50 of the Most Mesmerizing Places on Earth Gallery

These destinations might feel like they're from outer space, from the imaginary world of a fairy tale or something created by experts using CGI or Photoshop. Seeing these special, spectacular sights in person will make for a truly memorable trip. Their images make for amazing photographs and will stick in your mind long after you've returned back to your regular life. If you're looking to experience something unique that you've never seen before, here are 50 mesmerizing destinations to visit on your next vacation.