The World's Most Terrifying Bridges

The World’s Most Terrifying Bridges

For those of you who enjoy the rush, are not afraid of heights and like insane adventures, certain bridges are sure to fill your adrenaline.

These terrifying bridges are from some of the most famous and remote places in the world – Colorado, Thailand and China, just to name a few.

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The good news is that, if you're not a fan of frightening suspension bridges, Monkey Bridges and double span truss bridges, there is usually a different route you can take.

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Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland

Originally it is said that this famous bridge consisted of a single rope and hand rail, but has been replaced by a two-hand railed bridge by the National Trust. It links the mainland to the tiny island of Carrickarede. The bridge is approximately 66 feet and 89 feet above the rocks below.

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Stretching across a ravine above the Arkansas River at approximately 955 feet is the famous Royal Gorge Bridge. It was built in 1929 and is known as one of the world's highest suspension bridges. Adrenaline seekers have used this bridge for bungee jumping and wingsuit flying.

Pai Memorial Bridge, Thailand

This bridge is one of the main tourist attractions in Pai, Thailand. It was originally built by Japanese soldiers during WWII. A review on Trip Advisor says: "Quite close to town definitely worth the trip and definitely bring your camera. But be really careful because there is a lot of cliffs and absolutely no safety barriers. Not for people afraid of highlights. But beautiful scenery."

Borovsko Bridge, Czech Republic

This bridge is literally an unfinished highway. The bridge was originally built and finished in 1950, but the construction of the highway was suspended and the bridge was left abandoned. You can't visit the bridge today by vehicle because it's almost completely flooded.

Deception Pass Bridge, Washington

The drive over this bridge is foggy and straight, but overall not too bad. However, walking over the narrow pedestrian lane at the end of the bridge is said to be a terrifying experience. The wind is blowing and the water is swarming directly below you – whatever you do, don't look down!

Sidu River Bridge, China

The Sidu River Bridge is said to be the highest bridge in the world. It stands approximately 1,640 feet above the Sidu River valley and is approximately 4,009 feet long. Fun Fact: This bridge is so high it had to be created using rockets.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

The insane Capilano Suspension Bridge is surrounded by evergreen forests. It's a 137-metre-long suspension bridge that sits 70 meters above the Camilano River. According to THE GLOBE AND MAIL, in 2012 a "30-year-old hiker climbed over a safety railing and fell to his death," and in 2010 a "17-year-old visitor from California died after falling from a viewing deck at one end of the suspension bridge."

Bull Bridge, Ireland

Bull Bridge links Dublin and the North Bull Island. It is a narrow, wooden bridge. Make sure you're driving a small car because this bridge has a vehicle load restriction of 2 tons.

Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

This bridge is the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Alps. It's extremely long, spanning at approximately 560 feet and a height of approximately 330 feet. The structure is shaky and not very sturdy. To reach the bridge you need to hop in a cable car, then get a ticket for the gondola and take a difficult hike.

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

This is said to be the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world and the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere. The length of the bridge is approximately 26,372 feet. "The width of the road is 54 feet, the outside lanes are 12 feet wide and the inside lanes are 11 feet wide," according to The scary part is that the stiffening truss width in the suspended span is wider than the roadway it supports.

Monkey Bridges, Vietnam

If you enjoy heart pumping thrills, look no further than the Monkey Bridges in Vietnam. They were built by hand and consist of a single bamboo log and one handrail. Although they are not typically as high as the other bridges mentioned, it tends to be easier to fall into the river below

Deosai Bridge, Pakistan

This terrifying hanging bridge leads to Deosai National Park. It is suspended from cable and rope. It is approximately 13,497 feet above sea level.

Costilla Crossing Bridge, USA

This double span truss bridge sits overtop of Rio Grande. It is located in southern Colorado and is in great condition; however, it is only open to one lane traffic. It's approximately 313 feet long.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, Louisiana

This bridge is composed of two parallel bridges that cross Lake Pontchartrain. It is one of the longest bridges over water in the world at approximately 24 miles long. It connects New Orleans to Mandeville, Louisiana. The scary factor: Motorists who cross the middle of the bridge can't see land. At some points, you will literally feel like you're driving your car over an open sea.

Haast River Bridge, New Zealand

Located over the Haast River is this terrifying one lane bridge. The road over the bridge is State Highway 6. New Zealand's roads are already crooked and winding, some with no guard rails. One can only imagine riding over this bridge is a scary experience.