The Weirdest Laws In Every State

The United States is a nation of laws. The best of these are designed to protect citizens and to define the structure of government at every level from local to federal. But most of the laws that you are about to read have nothing to do with any of that — because over time, crazy court cases, altercations, and hilarious historical events have happened to put quite a few weird and entertaining laws in place.

Since no one has the time to go through every law in the country, state by state, to analyze what every law really means, old laws tend to be ignored — and so they grow outdated. In 2019, there is no need for your pickle to bounce before you eat it, but that's just the way it is in Connecticut, even after all this time. No wonder some of these states are so stressed!

The Active Times has rounded up the weirdest law in every state for you to learn — and who knows, maybe even enforce. Maybe you'll take up mandatory bathing on Saturday nights if you live in one particular Vermont town, or refuse to kiss a woman in public if you have a mustache while living in Iowa. Maybe you'll correct your illegal behaviors or feel compelled to expose them all over these American towns after reading about the weirdest law in your state.

Alabama: Confetti is Illegal

Don't try to get the party started this way. In Mobile, Alabama, it is illegal to have, make, or throw confetti. It's considered littering even if you plan to sweep it up.

Alaska: No Booze for Moose

Animals shouldn't drink beer in general, but it has been declared against the law for anyone to serve alcohol to a moose–one of the world's most dangerous animals– in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Arizona: No Spitting

You could face up to six months in jail and a fine of $2,500 if you spit publicly in Goodyear, Arizona.

Arkansas: Pronounce It Right

There is a legal code instituted in Arkansas that explains how the state's name should, and shouldn't, be pronounced. While you probably won't get fined for pronouncing the last "s" in the state's name, it is technically illegal to mispronounce it while in "Ar-kan-saw."

California: Don't Wash Without Permission

It might seem like a nice thing to do, but it's illegal. In the city of Los Angeles, you can't wash your neighbor's car without their permission. However, you can make a right turn on a red light, so Los Angeles is still a great place to live.

Colorado: Sharing Isn’t Caring

You may have heard that cleanliness is next to godliness, but not when it comes to lending your neighbor a vacuum. It is currently against the law to do so in Denver, Colorado. Plus, there are hidden dangers of spring cleaning!

Connecticut: Pickles Should Bounce

If your pickle doesn't bounce, then it can't legally be called a pickle in Connecticut. Hopefully they haven't outlawed the 5-second rule for when it inevitably falls on the floor!

Delaware: Strict Halloween Rules

Halloween is particularly strict in Delaware. To prevent mischievous actions by youngsters on October 31, children can only go trick-or-treating between 6 and 8 p.m. Oh, and if the 31st falls on a Sunday, the trick-or-treating will take place the night before, also from 6 to 8 p.m. Hopefully the earlier hours means families will show up in adorable family costumes!

Florida: No Elephant Parking

In Sarasota, standard parking fees apply to elephants tied to parking meters. We feel sorry for the meter maids who have to give those guys a ticket!

Georgia: Carry Your Cone

On Sundays it is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket (specifically). All other the days of the week however, you are free to potentially stain your pants.

Hawaii: No Boat? Big Problem

Hawaii has a handful of strange laws with regard to billboards and general safety measures, but one of the weirder ones is the law that stipulates residents can be fined for not owning a boat.

Idaho: Smile For Me

Pocatello, Idaho, is not the place to go if you lack a sunshine-y demeanor. It is against the law to be seen in public without a smile.

Illinois: Be Nice To Dogs

In the city of Normal, it is illegal to make faces at dogs. Maybe this is to keep its inhabitants safe, as some dogs can be pretty nasty if teased. 

Indiana: No Cold Drinks

Liquor stores in Indiana cannot sell cold soft drinks. However, if the beverage is not cooled or on ice it can be sold legally. The reasoning behind this is unclear, but the law is the law.

Iowa: No Kissing With A Mustache

Bad news, men in Iowa who celebrate Movember. It's against the law to kiss a woman in public if you have a mustache. Shave it if you want some sugar!

Kansas: No Singing Your ABCs

In Kansas, you would be breaking the law should you sing the alphabet at night out on the street. The idea behind this one is not directly related to the alphabet, but to any potentially loud disturbances late at night.

Kentucky: Dye Your Duckling This Way

There are very specific rules for dyeing and selling live ducks in Kentucky. The law extends to dyeing any live baby chicks, duckling, other fowl, or rabbits, and the illegality of selling them in groups smaller than six. Violating this rule can land you a fine of $100 to $500.

Louisiana: No Biting

The people of Louisiana must spend a lot of their time biting each other, since there is a law in place that determines the difference between a bite that is considered simple assault or aggravated assault. The difference between the two comes down to whether you use your natural teeth or false teeth, respectively.

Maine: No Roller Skating On Sidewalks

In Biddeford, Maine, you will be fined $10 for roller skating or biking on the sidewalks. Who roller skates anywhere but a rink nowadays? Evidently this person loves inline skating...

Maryland: No Lions At The Movies

The only lion you should see before a film is in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo, and Maryland knows this. The state has made it illegal to bring a lion to a movie. Hopefully the lions aren't going to other places like restaurants or malls. That might make Maryland one of the most dangerous states in America!

Massachusetts: Yes to Guns at Church

If you're a church-going male in this state, you apparently can't be anti-gun — men are required by law to carry a rifle to church on Sunday. Oh, and if you're a male with a goatee you'll need to obtain a special license to keep it.

Michigan: Adultery Is Punishable By Jail-Time

You can go to prison for up to four years in Michigan if you cheat on your spouse. If adultery is committed, the spouse must put in a complaint within the year in order for the unfaithful person to receive their punishment!

Minnesota: No Claw-Foot Tubs

Your bathtub cannot have feet in Minnesota, so that means fancy claw-foot tubs are absolutely out of the question. Guess we'll stick to showers.

Mississippi: Too Many Kids

According to state law, if you have more than one child out of wedlock, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and could face a month of jail time or a fine of up to $500.

Missouri: No Drunk Elephants

In the town of Natchez, Missouri, it is against the law to give any type of intoxicant to elephants. This seemingly ridiculous law came about in 1810, when a man held a live elephant show but the elephant ended up drunk from beer.

Montana: ‘Folf” Rules

If you want to play "folf" (or "Frisbee golf") in Helena, Montana, you must play it on the designated "folf course." What is folf exactly? It follows the same idea as golf — just as golfers have to make it into the hole with as few strokes as possible, folfers aim to sink their disc into the hole with the lowest number of throws. Folfing and golfing actually burn a ton of calories. 

Nebraska: Soup and Beer Only

This crazy Nebraska law is also perfect if you're hungry and thirsty. It's illegal to serve beer without brewing a kettle of soup at the same time in this heartland state.

Nevada: You Can Punish Someone Who Hurts Your Dog

Although it's no longer practiced or enforced, the old Nevada law making it legal to hang someone for killing your dog on your property is still on the books, even if the dog attacked you first. This is one of those weird laws lingering from the days of the Wild West.

New Hampshire: No Cemetery Picnics

Multiple counties in this state had made it illegal to have a picnic in a cemetery. If you want to dine with the dead, you're better off enjoying a snack at the most haunted place in this state.

New Jersey: No Bulletproof Vests For Murderers

In New Jersey, if someone who is attempting to commit murder is wearing a bulletproof vest, it is considered an offense. However, if they're going through with such an awful act — which will land them serious prison time anyway — we don't think they'll be too concerned about their wardrobe offense. (Just a guess.)

New Mexico: Sing The National Anthem All The Way Through

It's illegal to sing only a portion of the national anthem or the New Mexico state song, "Oh Fair New Mexico." So if you're singing either, finish strong!

New York: No Flirting in NYC

New Yorkers love to break the law! You can technically be fined up to $25 for flirting in New York. It's unclear exactly what this law defines as "flirting," but some believe it has more to do with the act of soliciting, not just batting your lashes and asking, "Have you been working out?"

North Carolina: Limited Bingo Time

Playing more than 10 hours of bingo in a week violates North Carolina's gambling statutes.

North Dakota: No Pretzels and Beer Together

It might be a German tradition, but it is illegal to serve beer and pretzels together at a bar, even in a restaurant.

Ohio: No Intoxicated Fish

People seem to love to get animals drunk all the time! In Ohio you can't give all your drinks to a fish and get them drunk. You can only drink like a fish. These are the best fishing spots...keep the beer to yourself, though. 

Oklahoma: No Skunk Glue

It's illegal to make glue out of dead skunks in Oklahoma. Good thing all we really want to do in this state is go to the Pioneer Woman's new hotel.

Oregon: One Drink Per Person

Sharing a drink in Oregon is illegal, so don't even think about asking for a second straw.

Pennsylvania: You Can Only Catch A Fish Like This

It's illegal to catch a fish by any body part except the mouth in this state.

Rhode Island: Accidental Mutilation Is Okay

There's an interesting law in Rhode Island that defines the legality of biting off your friend's limbs. In case you're wondering, if you bite any limbs off on purpose you'll be looking at somewhere between 1 to 20 years of jail time. However, if it's an accidental mutilation you won't face any punishment.

South Caroline: Tattoos Are Illegal

It's illegal to get a tattoo in South Carolina, except somehow there are still tattoo parlors.

South Dakota: Horses Need Pants

The Fountain Inn is concerned with modesty, even when it comes to animals. If you're planning to bring your horse into the Fountain Inn while staying in South Dakota, it is only legal if the horse is wearing pants.

Tennessee: No Netflix Passwords Sharing

Sharing your password for any streaming entertainment service is a crime in Tennessee. The law is really intended for all passwords, but it's a perfect excuse to say no to your friend the next time they ask for your account information.

Texas: Don't Pee On The Alamo

Peeing in public is always a big no-no regardless of whether you're caught. In Texas, peeing on the Alamo is illegal and can result in prison time and a large fine worth thousands of dollars.

Utah: No Keg Parties

College students in Utah, get those keg party ideas out of your mind — there is no way you'll be having one in this state. It is illegal to have beer in a container larger than 2 liters unless you are a wholesaler. Too bad they don't realize why beer is good for you!

Vermont: You Must Bathe

You must bathe every Saturday night in Barre, Vermont. They allow claw-foot tubs too, so who wouldn't want to!

Virginia: No Tickling

It is considered illegal to tickle women throughout the state of Virginia. Trying to flirt? Buy them chocolate from one of the best chocolate shops in the state instead.

Washington: Announce Your Criminal Intentions

The most bizarre law in Washington states that any "motorist with criminal intentions [must] stop at the city limits and telephone the police as he is entering the town." If only all criminals did this, it would make arresting them so much easier.

West Virginia: You Can Eat Road Kill

If you see roadkill in West Virginia, it is completely legal to take it home and cook it for supper. This law was created to help clean the streets and decrease the amount spent on road maintenance, but the health factor seems questionable.

Wisconsin: No Homemade Baked Goods

Beware selling home-baked goods in Wisconsin. You could be caught and face up to six months of jail time. Bring these cupcakes from the best place to get a cupcake in the state to your local bake sale instead.

Wyoming: No Getting Mine Drunk

If you're ever drunk in Wyoming, don't be drunk in a mine. You could go to jail for up to a year. Plus, who wants to be drunk in a mine? Luckily, mine culture in Wyoming can be explained at The Buffalo Bill Center of the West. It's the best museum in Wyoming and one of the fun indoor places you can check out if it's too cold or rainy outside.

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