The Top 8 Things To Do And See In Big Bend National Park

The Top 8 Things to Do and See in Big Bend National Park

Situated on the boundary with Mexico along the Rio Grande is Big Bend National Park, a place where countries and cultures meet.

Adventure enthusiasts will enjoy plenty of thrills. Go for a hike to embrace the beauty of this park on about 200 miles of hiking trails; spend the day on the water and reap the benefits of their hundred miles of kayaking, explore the backcountry – go horseback riding, backpacking, mountain biking and bird watching.

For those of you who would rather spend your day at the park relaxing, go stargazing, embark on a beautiful scenic drive, or head to Landford Hot Springs and ease your stresses away.

Lost Mine Trail

If you only have a day to spend in the park, you should definitely consider hiking the Lost Mine Trail. It's a 4.7-mile hike, which gains 1,300 feet in elevation. The hike starts at the waypoint Trailhead and begins to gain altitude immediately, according to "It is of medium distance and difficulty and provides a maximum of views and information about Big Bend."

Hot Springs

Big Bend is famous for its Landford Hot Springs. They are only accessible by hiking – 0.5-mile round trip. The springs were formed by volcanic activity. According to the National Park Service, the hot spring water is considered fossil water, old, ancient and irreplaceable. It is "heated by geothermal processes and emerging at 105° F., the water carries dissolved mineral salts reputed to have healing powers," NPS explains.

Rio Grande

"For more than 1,000 miles the Rio Grande serves as the international boundary between Mexico and the United States," NPS says. Big Bend National Park comprises approximately one-quarter of that boundary. Visitors enjoy kayaking, fishing and wildlife viewing.

Window Trail

This is a famous trail in the park. It's a path that leads to a V-shaped canyon called the Window. Visitors say the hike to Window is easy because it is downhill; however, the hike away is difficult, but it's worth it because it is one of the most incredible spots to watch the sunset.


Compared to other parks, the air pollution in Big Bend is very low. As a result, stargazing in the park is out of this world. You will see them vividly lighting up the night sky.

White Water Rafting

This national park offers a variety of outdoor adventures to embark on, one of their most famous – whitewater rafting. Hop on board for the experience of a lifetime. Some of the best places for rafting include the Boquillas Canyons, Mariscal, Elena and Rio Grande.

Stay at the Chisos Mountains Lodge

For those of you who don't feel like camping outdoors, you can stay at the only lodge located inside of the park – the Chisos Mountains Lodge. It is nestled in the basin of the stunning Chisos Mountains. Visitors will enjoy spectacular scenery, undisturbed wilderness and walking distance to some of the parks famous hiking trails.

Road Trip: El Camino Del Rio

Also known as "River Road," this scenic drive will take you through twists and turns of Rio Grande. It is a cliff-hugging road that provides stunning views of jaw-dropping mountains and unique volcanic history.