The Top 10 London Attractions You Won't Want To Miss

The Top 10 London Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss

There is no shortage of world class tourist attractions in London. They have one of the best theatre scenes in the world, luxurious hotels, delicious food and top-notch shopping.

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London is also known for their incredible scenery. There are various attractions that you can visit that provide exceptional views. Some of them include the London Eye, the Shard and St. Paul's Cathedral.

If you're planning a trip to London, make sure you add these famous attractions to your bucket-list. In no particular order, these are the top 10 London attractions you won't want to miss.

Big Ben

Located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster is the Big Ben, also known as, the Clock Tower. This is the third largest clock in the world and one of the most famous buildings in London, England. Go on a tour inside the building or simply take photos of the magnificent structure from the outside.

Buckingham Palace

This is possibly one of the most iconic royal buildings in the country. Take a tour of the palace and visit the beautifully furnished State Rooms, then enter the specular garden – "walled oasis in the middle of London" – and see over 350 different species of wild flowers and gorgeous lake views.

Tower Bridge

This is a must-see London attraction. Visitors will have the opportunity to step inside one of the most famous bridges in the world. Explore this unique structure, stunning views, glass floor, modern exhibitions, and incredible Victorian Engine Rooms.

Covet Garden

The Covet Garden is a tourist favorite. Enjoy tons of shopping, learn about culture and history, eat delicious food, and experience some of the West End's best entertainment. Some of the best spots to visit include the Royal Opera House, the London Transport Museum and St Martin's Courtyard.

London Eye

The London Eye is the world's largest cantilevered observation wheel. It has won over 85 awards for national and international tourism, according to "It has become the UK's most popular paid for visitor attraction."

Westminster Abbey

Approximately one million visitors explore this 700-year-old building each year. Many visit to worship at their daily services, while others go there to view the iconic destination where Will and Kate were married, and some even go to learn about history in their museum downstairs.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This is an iconic feature of the London skyline. It is a world famous dome with spectacular interior and tons of history. Visitors have the chance to walk in the footsteps of political leaders and royalty on the Cathedral floor. Then climb the dome for spectacular views over London.

Hampton Court Palace

If you're taking a trip to London, you can't leave without visiting the Hampton Court Palace. There are so many things to do and a variety of sites to explore. Visitors can view the beautiful Chapel Royal, explore the Magic Garden, admire paintings in the Cumberland Art Gallery and get lost in the world-famous Hampton Court Maze.

View from the Shard

View London from its highest viewing platform and the European Union's tallest building, The Shard. Capture views of the entire city from heights up to 800 feet. Some landmarks to look out for include the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower Bridge. Click here for more information.

Hyde Park

Locals and tourists love Hyde Park for its 350 acres. There are tons of recreational opportunities – open water swimming, boating and cycling, just to name a few. Visitors will also get the chance to view some of London's most famous landmarks – Serpentine Lake, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, and Speakers' Corner and the Diana.