Things Every American Should Check Off Their World Travel Bucket List

Most avid travelers have a bucket list of places they want to go or things they want to do within their lifetime. This list often consists of island destinations, countries, cities or regions, but a more precise list will include specific activities, foods, and festivals that one may want to experience.

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When going outside of one's own country, however, it can be hard to figure out just which experiences are worth it. Some may seem clich├ęd while others you may have never even heard of. Certain festivals or holidays are best experienced in certain parts of the world, and certain cities have iconic activities or landmarks that shouldn't be missed.

Traveling the globe and experiencing all that you can from its many different nations and cultures can open you up to life-changing moments as well as some of the best times of your life. If you're looking to have the ultimate experience as a world traveler, here are 101 things you should do in your lifetime while abroad.