These Cities Have The Most Millennials In The US

Although you might get a different answer depending on who you ask, the "millennial generation" is widely considered to encompass everyone born between 1981 and 1997. Millennials have been told they're killing everything from the housing market to eating cereal to drinking in bars. However, millennials aren't just flocking to metropolises like New York and Los Angeles — they're reshaping smaller cities around the country, bringing in more tourism, better food, and cooler bars. Take that, baby boomers!

While they may propose to each other with avocados and not be able to identify a butter knife, they're bringing the coolest dining pop-ups and healthy eating and fitness trends to places that were formerly uncool. While you might hate that they can't stop Instagramming their food or their favorite local spots, they're causing small towns like Overland Park, Kansas, and Glendale, California, to become more than just a place your grandparents live, but actually trendy U.S. hubs. Millennials don't have as much money as their parents and face a challenging political landscape and economy, plus a questionable future. No wonder some of them are setting up shop in more affordable, less populated cities where they can stretch their wings!

If you're a millennial looking to move, why not check out any of these cities? You'll feel right at home in these places that have the most millennials in the U.S.

Rochester, New York

Rochester is one of many cities in upstate New York that are attracting millennials for their cheaper cost of living and less hectic culture. Plus, Rochester has some pretty great pizza.

Des Moines, Iowa

University of Iowa students seem to be staying in Des Moines after graduating, especially millennials. No wonder this Midwestern city has some of the best food and drink in Iowa.

Louisville, Kentucky

Perhaps millennials are flocking to Kentucky for its picturesque mountainscape. The Daniel Boone National Forest in the southern part of the state is one of the 50 most photogenic spots in America.

St. Louis, Missouri

Millennials have fallen in love with St. Louis, and you should too. Here are eight reasons why STL is great!

Overland Park, Kansas

On the way to Overland Park, we know curious millennials are stopping by the best roadside attractions in Kansas. Gotta see the world's largest souvenir plate!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is home to one of the regional fast food chains we wish were national, Skyline Chili! Foodie millennials must be moving there to try it.

Dallas, Texas

Besides an incredible Real Housewives franchise, Dallas is drawing in millennials for its affordable night life and rents.

Nashville, Tennessee

We don't think millennials head to Nashville for its odd attractions, but rather for its bustling music and food scenes.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Millennials living in Charlotte know that they can spend weekends in gorgeous Beaufort, one of the must-see small towns in America.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Millennials are living in Virginia for the awesome eats! Not only are they one of the largest producers of seafood, but Virginia Beach has some of the best food and drink in Virginia.

Glendale, California

Known as "The Jewel City," Glendale is right on the outskirts of the east side of Los Angeles. However, millennials in Glendale still say these 20 things only people from the West Coast say.

Indianapolis, Indiana

One of the absolute best romantic adventures millennials living in Indianapolis can do is take a trip to the Indiana Dunes.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is home to some awesome hotels and a booming marijuana business — both things that millennials enjoy.

Atlanta, Georgia

Not only does Atlanta have an all-you-can-eat pie bar, it also has one of the best amusement parks in America — World of Coca-Cola.

San Jose, California

San Jose is close enough to super-expensive San Francisco to commute and close enough to fantastic vineyards for a weekend getaway. It's the perfect spot for the frugal millennial who still wants a taste of luxury now and then.

Jacksonville, Florida

There are actually a ton of things to do in Florida that aren't Disney or the beach, and millennials who moved to Jacksonville know that.

Oakland, California

Oakland has been the backdrop to many popular films recently and has often been referred to as "the Brooklyn of the West Coast." However, it's often in the shadow of glitzy San Francisco. As anyone who lives there will tell you, it's an underrated destination for food, culture, and entertainment.

Madison, Wisconsin

Austin, Texas

Austin is a millennial paradise. With its massive music scene, temperate weather, and amazing food, it's no wonder everyone 35 and under is moving there.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cheaper and safer than Chicago, Minneapolis (the Mini Apple) draw millennials for some of the best food and drink in Minnesota.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Many East Coast millennials are returning home to Pennsylvania and settling down in Pittsburgh. It's one of the least expensive cities for dining in the U.S.!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly has been so popular with millennials that millennial-favorite chain Panera is testing out new menu items there.

Baltimore, Maryland

Millennials favor Baltimore for its cheaper housing and cool art scene and proximity to other East Coast states!

Sacramento, California

Northern California has become a hot spot for millennials, including Sacramento. Not only is it one of America's most overlooked food cities, but even some of their fast food franchises pay living wages.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is an environmentally-conscious millennial's paradise. It's the first U.S. city to ban plastic straws and utensils and one of the few cities that have taxed soda.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Millennials are moving to New Jersey because it's cheaper than Manhattan. Jersey pizza tastes as good as New York's anyway.

Boston, Massachusetts

Washington, D.C.

Millennials are the future of politics. No wonder so many of them are living in D.C. as close to the action as they can

San Francisco, California

You might be thinking: How are millennials able to afford rent in expensive San Francisco? Those who grew up with tech are getting jobs in tech that pay well and moving in to one of the most beautiful cities in America.

Chicago, Illinois

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the latest U.S. Census estimated that 73 percent of people living in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood are millennials. Could it be because it has the best burger in America? Or because its pizza totally beats New York's? Millennials think the Second City is second to none. No wonder the West Loop (and Chi-town) have the largest percentage of millennials in the U.S.