The Secret Cruise Vacation Behaviors You Know You're Guilty Of

Cruises can be the perfect family vacation, a wonderfully romantic getaway, or even just a great way to unwind with a group of friends. It can be possible to unwind a little too much, though; surrounded by endless food, drink, and relaxation, you're tempted to let go of your inhibitions and give in to the side of you that's a bit too relaxed. You don't want to make the kinds of mistakes on a cruise that'll make you everyone's least favorite passenger, – or even land you on a blacklist.

Cutting in Line

Because most cruise ships have thousands of passengers, there's often a lot of waiting in lines – to get on to the ship, off the ship, for the buffet line, shows, restaurants, and waterslides. It can be tempting to just cut in line, particularly when it's a bit confusing at the buffet or the bar, but we recommend you extend the same courtesy to others that you'd like to receive yourself and wait your turn.


Even on the biggest ship at sea, things can get a bit crowded and you only have so much space to yourself. Most rooms are quite small and have thin walls, so it's easy to listen in on your neighbor's argument or room service order. It's also tempting to listen in on the conversations around you at the pool or at one of the ship's restaurants, but it's best to keep to yourself and respect other people's privacy.

Keeping It Too Casual

Most people like to relax as much as possible on vacation, and that includes comfortable and casual clothing. There is such a thing as too casual on a cruise, however, and dressing inappropriately is one of the most annoying things you can do as a passenger. Make sure you stick to the proper dress code for casual and formal meals, and even if you're dining at a more casual eatery on board, don't show up in your swimming trunks and a tank top.

Overindulging at the Bar

Excessive alcohol consumption is never a good thing, and you definitely don't want to do it on a cruise ship. Cruise ships are known for being a great place to drink, and those getting all-you-can-drink packages are especially susceptible to going overboard – pun intended. Take it easy on the booze, and you won't risk annoying your fellow passengers or falling off the ship.

Overindulging at the Buffet

Cruise ships are famous for their buffets and restaurant options, but not only do you want to be watchful of what you eat on vacation, you also want to be courteous. It's easy to get carried away and pile up on your plate, but take care not to overdo it. You don't want to waste food or end up eating so much that you throw up.

Saving Deck Chairs

With so many people on board, seating can become an issue, and poolside deck chairs are hot commodities. It's understandable that you may want to save some chairs for your travel companions who are headed to get a bite to eat or go back to their room to change, but it's unfair to your fellow passengers who are using the pool right now. If you're not using the chairs for the next 15 minutes or so, let others have their turn.

Skipping Breakfast

Vacation is the best time to sleep in, and on a super-relaxing cruise, it's highly tempting to just hit the snooze button. You don't want to miss the most important meal of the day, however, nor do you want to miss the fabulous breakfast buffet, so skipping breakfast is a top cruise no-no. Chances are your ship also sails into port in the morning, so you also want to get up early so that you don't miss out on your destination, either!

Smoking in Nondesignated Areas

Because it's a significant public health concern, smoking is highly restricted on most cruise lines. Smoking is usually only allowed in specifically designated areas on deck and generally banned from balconies. Passengers who smoke, however, are known to break these rules with regularity, which often causes issues for other travelers as well as the ship itself, due to secondhand smoke and cigarette butts being flushed down toilets that aren't equipped to handle them.

Taking Nonstop Photos

We understand the desire to get the perfect selfie on your vacation, but it's still not as important as having the perfect vacation. Put down your camera or smartphone more often so that you can enjoy your cruise itself rather than staying concerned with recording it.

Taking the Elevator One Floor

Feeling relaxed and a bit lazy after hitting the buffet, it can be tempting to simply take the elevator even when your destination is just a floor or two above or below you. It can be super-inconvenient and even inconsiderate of your fellow passengers, however, who may need the elevator more than you do because of small children, luggage, or mobility issues. With so many people on one ship, elevators often get really crowded and have long wait times. Take the stairs if you can – it's a good workout anyway.

Taking Too Much Time at the Gym

One of the most annoying things you can do at any gym is to be a machine hog. However, your time limit on a cruise ship may be shorter than you realize. Cruise ships have upwards of 3,000 guests usually, which means that it can get to be a long wait for equipment. Don't be that clueless cruiser spending on hour on the elliptical when there's an entire line of people waiting their turn; keep your workout to about 15 to 30 minutes instead.