Lake Baikal Is The Oldest And Deepest Lake In The World

Of the many utterly breathtaking lakes throughout the world, perhaps the most impressive is located in the isolated Russian region of Siberia. In addition to being the deepest lake on the planet, this lake is also the oldest, dating back 25 million years.

The World's Strangest Natural Wonders

Spanning an area of about 12,200 square miles in southeastern Siberia, Lake Baikal has a depth of more than 5,500 feet. Because of its ancient age and degree of isolation, the lake has a great amount of diversity in the freshwater creatures living in its stunning blue waters, earning it the nickname "the Galapagos of Russia."

In addition to its terrifying depths, Lake Baikal is also the largest freshwater lake in the world by volume and contains about a fifth of all the freshwater on the Earth's surface. More than 330 rivers and streams flow into the lake, which is surrounded by majestic mountains and has a lovely shoreline that runs for about 1,300 miles. Its beautiful waters — which freeze over in January and typically thaw in May or June — are also quite clear, with a visibility of up to 130 feet from its surface, making it one of the most spectacular lakes in the world.